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Surrey Centre Feeding Futures Program


The Surrey School District’s Feeding Futures Department provides lunch at 55 schools across Surrey and White Rock.

Meals are served hot or cold and provide nutritious, balanced and diverse menu items.  Meals are delivered to the school each day, individually packaged and are provided at the beginning of the lunch break.

 The district will be piloting a full Lunch Program at Surrey Centre from May 21 – June 27, 2024. The results of the pilot will determine whether lunch delivery will continue at Surrey Centre for the 2024-2025 school year.



All Surrey Centre students are invited and encouraged to participate in the pilot of the new lunch program. Our vision is to make the lunch program school-wide and bring the school together through food and nutrition.  


Participating students must register for, and purchase, a lunch for each day of the program (lunch will be served on 23 school days as on above menu).  Students may not opt out of a program day during this pilot as we do not have capacity to change daily orders.

 Students select either ALL vegetarian or ALL regular meals on the form below – unfortunately ordering some days vegetarian and some days of regular menu is not possible for this pilot.

 Cost per meal is $7 x PST x 32% GST = $7.60/meal. Total cost to participate in the Surrey Centre Lunch Pilot = 23 days x $7.60/meal = $174.08

 If the cost of the program is a barrier, please contact Principal Brandyn Van Sant or the School Office. All students, regardless of ability to pay, are invited to participate in this program.  


To sign up reach out  by May 10th.  

Please see below the Menu for May and June 2024 


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