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Our School



  • Improve students' capacity to be more self aware of and self manage their emotions in challenging situations.
  • Improve students' capacity to communicate their thinking in numeracy.


  • As of September, 2020 - 490 students
  • Regular Program  
  • French Immersion          

District Programs:     

  • Early French Immersion 
  • Community Schools Programs to support student leadership and growth (Breakfast Club, BLAST, intramurals)
  • School Lunch Program
  • Aboriginal Child Care Worker
  • School based Child Care Worker
  • Action Research - Social and Emotional Learning
  • District Numeracy Project Team
  • Early Literacy Support
  • Jump Start After School Program

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Communicating Student Learning through district template, e-portfolios, student led conferences
  • Parent/Guardian Curriculum Cafes
  • Learning Commons - supporting creative and critical thinking
  • Numeracy Inuiry focus: Teaching through problem solving; building student metacognition
  • Cross-curricular focus on core competencies
  • Pre-kindergarten readiness program for three- and four-year-old children (PALS)
  • Yearly participation in Concours d'art Oratoire
  • School-wide Recognition and Personal Responsbility Framework (S.O.A.R.)
  • School-wide Recognition Assemblies to celebrate Student Learning and Growth
  • Extracurricular sports programs and Dance Club 
  • Student Leadership Team
  • Lunch Clubs (Chess, Garden, Knitting, Lego, Art and others)
  • School choir
  • Music Concerts
  • Buddy classes

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