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PAC Executive 2012-2013

Port Kells has had many wonderful PAC executives over the years.  Involving oneself in the PAC allows for the development of strong connections between parents within our school community.  Your child benefits, as they see you take a role in community leadership. Last year's PAC Executive led family movie nights, and coordinated several well-loved traditions, such as the pancake breakfast with Santa, Sports Day treats, and Fire Fighters' & Students' carwash.   

As we begin our 2012-2013 school year, we must establish our PAC Executive.  This is ideally a two to three year commitment, allowing members to learn about their new roles, plan activities to support the students' learning, and pass along wisdom to future PAC executive members before your children have left elementary school.  Our present treasurer is Terri McLean, who has a great deal of experience with fundraising, school events, and the history and traditions of Port Kells.  We require:

PAC president
PAC secretary

Please consider joining this dynamic group!

Expires 9/28/2012 

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