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  • At Port Kells Elementary we are committed to:
    • implementing our school improvement plan goals focused on improving
      • reading comprehension skills and the love of reading
      • understanding of and familiarity with math story problems
    • supporting the diverse academic needs of students
    • increasing focus on fitness, nutrition
    • increasing computer integration
    • an environmental focus
    • encouraging student initiatives
    • developing increased social responsibility
    • demonstrating improved student achievement especially in reading comprehension
    • open and honest communication between the parents, students and the teaching staff

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Leadership Academy Action Research project with cross-grade tutoring for early literacy intervention and enhanced intermediate comprehension skills
  • Formalized school-wide buddy experiences through reading and math tutor projects
  • Exchange teaching between buddy classes
  • Increased participation of students Grades 4-7 in Math contests such as Gauss and Pythagorus
  • Music theatre and band students to Vancouver Symphony
  • Monthly collaborative planning for teachers
  • Weekly whole school aerobic workout "Health Hustle"/assembly
  • Year round noon hour and after school sports
  • FitKid program in effect
  • Highly successful multifaceted outreach program
  • School-wide student leadership program

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