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Code of Conduct

The North Surrey Learning Centre is a community comprising approximately 250 studenta and 20 staff. As in any community, people must work together with cooperation and undertanding.  Our common purpose at the North Surrey Learning Centre is to acquire knowledge, develop skills, develop positive attitudes towards learning, be responsible citizens and respect the rights and property of others. 

Students can demonstrate the attributes of a responsible young adult by adhering to the following expectations and proceedures while under the jurisdiction of the school, travelling to and from school, at school, or while at any school sponsored function/event. 

  1. ACCEPTANCE: All expressions of racial/ethnic bias or acts of racist/sexist behaviour, will be dealt with swiftly, and may result in suspension. NSLC is a LGBTQ safe and postive space. 
  2. VIOLENCE: Physical aggression, verbal threats, bullying, cyber-bullying, intimidation and/or harassment will not be tolerated.  Any form of violence will result in school discipline, suspension with the possibility of charges being laid. Vandalism/willful damage to school property or property of others are not acceptable.
  3. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, WEAPONS, REPLICA WEAPONS: Students under the influence or in possession of drugs, alcohol and/or weapons may be suspended.  This type of violation could result in dismissal from the school. 
  4. LANGUAGE: Please do not use foul/disrespectful language.  Appropriate discipline will be applied to repeat offenders.
  5. ATTENDANCE: Please contact the school to report any absences; a parent/guardian must excuse the absence. Students are expected to make up unexcused absences.  Appropriate stategies will be implemented to address chronic absenteeism/non-attendance (Attendance Agreement, support from Student Services).
  6. PUNCTUALITY: Students who are up to 1/2 hour late may be asked to make up 15 minutes at the end of class.  Students who are more than 1/2 hour late may be required to attend Friday school.  If there is a legitimate reason for your late arrival, please notify the school/your teacher. 
  7. AS A STUDENT CENTERED/SELF DIRECTED Learning Centre: Students will learn and make progress. Where achievemetn is limited, strateiges will be implemented to help ensure student meet thier educational goals.
  8. ELECTRONIC DEVICES are welcome: These can be used to do research, document, collaborate, and create. Devices are not to be used for gaming or social media (texting, twitter) during instructional time. Students unwilling to comply may be sent home. You are welcome to listen to your own music; if the musci is disruptive or interferes with learning, you will be asked to turn it down or shut it off.
  9. COMPUTER USE: Computers are not to be used for music, social media or personal email. Food and/or drinks are not allowed by desktop computers or with the laptops. 
  10. READING: There will be a 10 minute reading period at the end of each Block. Please ensure you have reading material beforehand.
  11. SCHOOL ATTIRE:  Students are expected to wear suitable clothing.  Clothing with inappropriate logos, pictures or wording is not acceptable.  Students showing excessive skin, cleavage or undergarmets will be asked to cover up. Shoulders need to be respectfully covered both front and back. Hemlines of shorts/skirts/dresses are to be no shorter than the bottom of the fingertips.
  12. STUDENTS MUST STAY on school property and are not permitted to leave without parent/guardian permission.
  13. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED to be on other school property during regular school hours and days.
  14. STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for school books and materials.  Students not returning school items will be charged the cost of replacement. 
  15. TABACCO/SMOKING:  Use of tabacco products, including e-cigarettes, are prohibited on School District Property.


Code of Conduct

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