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North Surrey Learning Centre is a small secondary school that provides educational opportunities for students 15-19 years of age, who are attempting to fulfill the necessary requirements for graduation.  Students can complete all of grade 10, 11 and/or 12, graduate from the learning centre, and thus earn a Dogwood Diploma, or return to a mainstream secondary school to complete high school.

As a student centred/self-directed learning environment, most of the courses are designed to be achieved within a ten week period. Some courses are organized into units, with each unit consisting of specific activities, assignments, skills etc., that need to be accomplished; upon completion of all the required units, the course is completed. Other courses are project/inquiry based, thematic, or interdisciplinary, and  may not be divided into specific units. The expectation is that these courses too can be completed within a  completed ten weeks.  


The learning centre operates on a half day schedule, Monday to Thursday, with sessions in the morning, the afternoon, and evening. The school is open on Fridays, and students can attend "FridaySchool", but no formal classes offered. For students to successfully achieve their educational goals, it is an expectation that they be punctual and maintain regular attendance. Lack of regular attendance and poor academic achievement may jeopardize a student's placement at the learning centre.

Provincially examinable courses: English 10, Science 10, Math 10, Social Studies 11, B.C. First Nations 12, Communications 12 and English 12 require students to write the Provincial Exam once students have completed the course requirements.  A student who is required to write the provincial exam  will not receive credit for the course, regardless of school mark obtained, until the examination is written.  The Ministry of Education sets the schedule for Provincial Exams; it is the responsibility of the student to sit the exam at the scheduled date and time.  

Please be advised that learning centres are not designed, resourced, or staffed to meet the academic needs of students with severe learning disabilities or other significant learning issues. All prospective students are required to write an entrance assessment that helps to determine if the learning centre is a viable and sound educational option, where the stduent will be successful with their academic pursuits. 

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