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Code of Conduct

At Newton Elementary School, we believe that all children have the right to learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment.  Our expectations are that students will maintain an attitude that is cooperative, courteous and respectful. 

Be Respectful to Yourself - caring about your learning and yourself, including safety.
Some examples include:

  • always do your best
  • make good choices
  • be on time and ready to work
  • do your homework and use your planner

Be Respectful to Others - considerate of others' personal feelings and propertties.
Some examples include:

  • be polite and wait your turn
  • treat others with respect
  • use good listening skills
  • be honest and tell the truth

Be Respectful to Property - caring about your school and your environment.
Some examples include:

  • clean up after yourself
  • take good care of materials
  • ask before borrowing

Be Safe - learn and follow school rules.
Some examples include:

  • walk calmly - no running in hallways
  • stay in designated areas
  • report dangerous situations to staff

Inappropriate Behaviour

Inappropriate Behaviour can consist of, but is not limited to:

  • rudeness, swearing
  • fighting (or play fighting)
  • lack of respect for others, teasing
  • throwing objects (rocks, sticks, snowballs, etc.)
  • defiant behaviour, insolence
  • running in the halls
  • unauthorized leaving of school grounds
  • littering


Consequences will be applied in a fair and consistent manner, respecting individual rights, responsibilities, age and maturity.

Inappropriate behaviour typically has the following consequences:

  • review of expectations and a timeout
  • review of expectations, written assignment and/or loss of privileges
  • parents are informed
  • meeting with the parents
  • short-term (in school or at home) suspension up to 5 days
  • long-term suspension (over 5 days) or referral to district program
  • consultation with police and/or fire department
  • expulsion

Safe and Caring School Environments

Are Free from Acts of:

  • bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, threat, intimidation via computer, telephone or other electronic device.
  • violence in any form
  • abuse in any form including verbal, physical or sexual abuse
  • discrimination in any form
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • retribution against a person who has reported incidents

Do Not Tolerate the Presence of:

  • intoxicating or banned substances including alcohol & tobacco
  • weapons or replica (toy) weapons and explosives or fireworks
  • intruders or trespassers - All visitors to the school must first report to the office


As circumstances warrant, administrators have a responsibility to advise other parties following a behaviour incident:

  • Parent of student exhibiting major behaviours (in every instance)
  • Parent of student on the receiving end (in every instance)
  • Assistant Superintendent, Safe Schools team member and/or other District Staff
  • Ministerial agencies and/or School Liaison Officer (Police)

Dress Code

A respectful and safe atmosphere is important to academic achievement and citizenship at Newton Elementary.  Clothing is expected to be appropriate to a working and learning environment.  The school's dress code is not intended to stifle freedom of expression; however, attire should not be distracting or offensive.  Inappropriate attire includes:

  • Drug and alcohol designs, suggestive designs, profanity, rude or lewd suggestions, threatening language, derogatory discriminating language, beach wear and excessive make-up.  

Family Involvement

Our School Code of Conduct was established to ensure the safety of all stakeholders.  Caregivers can help in the following ways:

  • Discuss the School Code of Conduct with your child.
  • Bin in close contact with your child's teacher.
  • Encourage your child to report serious incidents to his/her teacher or principal.

Strong relationships between students, parents and staff are important elements to creating a safe, caring and orderly school community.

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