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Our School



  • To continue to improve and extend student learning in the language arts, specifically reading, writing and oral language skills
  • To continue to improve students' skill in mathematics, with a particular emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking
  • To continue to improve students' social skills through components of the personal planning curriculm, focussing on respect for all and personal goal setting

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • The school focussed on the improvement of student writing this year. Considerable data has been gathered and many teachers are pleased with the improvements achieved.
  • Students continue to enjoy integrating technology into their everyday studies. A well-equipped lab and knowledgeable staff facilitate the attainment of this goal.
  • This year we held a wonderful science fair with students throughout the school participating.
  • An active dance program highlighted the fine arts program.
  • FSL program for intermediate students.

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