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PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

Who is PAC? 
The Parents Advisory Council or PAC is simply a group of Chimney Hill Parents who work together to help support our children's school. By hosting and/or volunteering at school events, we try to enrich the Chimney Hill community and help provide funding to make our kids' experience at Chimney Hill great. By just having a PAC, we receive approximately $13,000 per year in government funding that can be used for extra-curricular school activities and events. We supplement this with our own fundraising, and with input and advice from the school administration, we decide how best to spend these funds. These decisions are made by the parents who attend the monthly PAC meetings. 

Who can attend PAC meetings? 
All Chimney Hill parents and guardians are welcome to attend and eligible to vote on PAC decisions.

How many people normally attend? 
Unfortunately, our meetings have been quite small considering the size of the school. Out of the over 500 families represented at Chimney Hill, our PAC meetings usually only have 10-15 people! It would be great to have more parents attend, get to know one another, learn about upcoming school events, and help decide how to spend PAC funding to make Chimney Hill the best it can possibly be for our kids.

Am I committing to anything by attending? 
No. You are welcome to attend and just be informed.

Can I get more involved if I want to?
Absolutely! There are lots of ways to help with PAC events and school activities that can fit almost any schedule.

What if I can't attend the meetings? 
If you can't attend the meeting in person, you can still receive email updates through the school's email list. We also try to keep the PAC Documents up to date with recent minutes and financial reports. If you have any concerns, you can also bring them to any PAC executive member or email

If you are interested in getting more involved with the PAC, contact PAC at We often hear people say "I don't have the time", "I work full-time", "I'm too busy" but the overall commitment is much less than most people think, and the rewards are much greater!  

As always, everyone is welcome and all parents are eligible to vote on PAC decisions. Note you must attend the meeting to vote in the selection of the Executive positions or budget decisions.

Committee Members
PAC Chair - Serena Robinson

PAC Co-Chair - 
Treasurer - Virpal Dhaliwal

Secretary - Pritesh Patel

Fundraising Coordinator - Aimee Surette

Hot Lunch Coordinator - Swati Rathi

Special Events - Stephanie Middleton

Community Development - Victoria Udoh

DPAC (in Assistant Role) - Victoria Udoh

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