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Student Services - Counselling

Salish Counselling Department

Counsellors facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of students in the school system.  Counsellors provide information on graduation requirements, course selection, career planning and post-secondary information, as well as study and organizational skills.  Counsellors meet with students for one to one and/or group counselling for such things as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, friendship concerns, mindfulness, building resilience etc.  Counsellors liaise with community members and can refer students to appropriate agencies for additional counselling and support as needed.

How can I connect with a counsellor?
We encourage you to contact your child's counsellor over the phone or by email to consult.

Students are assigned to a counsellor based on the student's last name.

What would I discuss with a counsellor?
Personal counselling – A confidential discussion about personal issues that are of concern to you.

Academic counselling - discussion about academic concerns, course selection, graduation planning, post-secondary, and vocational planning.

Salish Secondary also has a Career Center and a Career Facilitator, who also helps students plan for post – secondary and who is the point person for District Career Programs, Apprenticeships, Work Experience, and Scholarships


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