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Guildford Park Counselling Department

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Department Head/Counsellor, works with students last name Rf-Z
Department Head/Counsellor, works with students last name D-K
LiuJung Counsellor, works with students last name A-C
Counsellor, works with students last name L-Re

Our goal is to support our diverse population of learners by providing them with a safe space to talk, empower them towards positive change, help them to have a successful high school experience and to support students actualize their goals for life after high school. 

Counsellors facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and career development of students in the school system. All our school counsellors have Bachelor of Education Degrees along with Masters Degrees in Counselling. 

GP Counselling Support includes:

  • counselling for individual students to support their mental health and wellness as related to personal, home or school issues 
  • developing students’ self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, social skills and problem-solving skills
  • providing information on graduation requirements, course selection, career planning and post-secondary information
  • liaising with parents and community agencies to facilitate access to services and ensure ongoing communication with schools
  • supporting students and families in distress 
  • collaborating and consulting with professionals at the school and district levels around additional supports for students, including participation in School-Based Team meetings. 
  • organizing and facilitating referrals for special education services or supports 
  • providing input into development of individualized education plans
  • organizing and implementing the process of course selection for grade groups, as well as Grade 7 articulation 


Students may make an appointment with their counsellor in several ways:

  • Preferred method is via Teams, then email or by filling out an appointment slip available at the main office
  • Counsellors are typically able to meet with student as a “drop in” at lunch or afterschool. 

Parents are welcome to contact counsellors if they have any questions or concerns about their child by contacting the office or by sending an email. If an in-person meeting is preferred, an appointment can be arranged. 



All conversations between students and counsellors are confidential; that means that they do not share information with parents, teachers, other students or school administrators without permission from the student. Counsellors take their commitment to confidentiality very seriously. There are some circumstances, however, that they are legally obliged to break confidentiality for student safety. Counsellors will always inform students when they have to break confidentiality and discuss options with them. 

Limits to Confidentiality:

  • When the student tells the counsellor that they (the student) or another person is at risk of being hurt or killed. 
  • When the student tells the counsellor that they (the student) or another person has been hurt or abused or is at risk of being hurt or abused.
  • In the rare event that a judge or court order requires a release of a student’s file. 

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