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Information sessions for families of students entering kindergarten

Connect%20to%20K%20Series.jpgKindergarten is an important milestone for students, filled with new discoveries, friendships, and endless possibilities. And we know this time is equally important to parents and caregivers!

To support families as they prepare for kindergarten, we are excited to launch the "Ready, Set, Learn: Connect to K” series of information sessions.

Beyond being a simple introduction to kindergarten, the sessions are a comprehensive resource, providing insights and guidance on navigating the intricacies of the kindergarten experience.

“Children arrive to school filled with amazing potential, and we celebrate each one exactly as they are,” said Leah Christensen, District Principal for Early Learning and Child Care at Surrey Schools.

“We hope to provide families with a perspective about what is most important in a child’s kindergarten year and reassure parents that every school is dedicated to being a welcoming, safe place for all children, including children with diverse abilities and needs.”

Parents and caregivers of students entering kindergarten in September 2024 are invited to attend these online sessions, which will be held in three parts. With two opportunities to attend each session, the details are as follows: 

Session 1: Registration & beyond

The first session will focus on practical information such as how and when to register for kindergarten, what to expect in September and what preparation can be done in the meantime.

Use the links below to join Session 1 on either date:

Watch a recording of session 1 here:

Session 2: Is my child READY for kindergarten?

The second session will focus on exploring school “readiness” and go over what the school may expect of your child when it comes to independence, and what you can do to support a successful transition to kindergarten.

Use the links below to join Session 2 on either date: 

Watch a recording of session 2 here:

Session 3: Is kindergarten only about play?

For the third and final session, families will learn about the kindergarten curriculum and how play supports learning and development.

Use the links below to join Session 3 on either date:

Watch a recording of session 3 here:

Any questions about the information session can be directed to Leah Christensen at

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