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Class Parent Director - PAC Position

The H.T. Thrift PAC is looking for a parent/guardian volunteer to fill the following position. If you are interested, please email Thorsten Gutsche (PAC President) with your contact details and a little about yourself. If there is more than one pserson interested in the role, the position will be voted on at the Feb. 18th PAC meeting. 

"Class Parent Director"

  • will ensure that all class parents are notified of relevant information regarding PAC activities coordinate information from the class parents to the PAC team.
  • maintain an up-to-date list of class parents
  • Introducing themselves to class parents at the beginning of the year as the class representative 
  • Point of contact of PAC activities by attending PAC meetings , reading PAC meeting notes and PAC News updates, and communicating with Head room parent.
  • Emailing, calling, talking with families in their class with messages and updates from the PAC. Regularly communicating messages and updates from the PAC with class families teachers via email and in person.
  • Receiving and maintaining an up-to-date list of parent contacts
  • Maintaining routine communication with classroom parents via e-mail and telephone to keep them up-to-date and reminded of various activities (class or PAC related).
  • Assisting teachers, as requested, with class parties and school events
  • Assisting and Coordinating with PAC


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