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Policies & Procedures


In order to reach their maximum potential for learning, students must be in an environment where they feel safe and accepted.  Students must also accept responsibility for their learning and behaviour. 


Acceptable Behaviour:

Students are expected to:

  • Act in a way that will not endanger him/herself or others
  • Ensure that their behaviour will not interfere with other students' right to learn or the teachers' responsibility to teach
  • Attend school regularly and come on time, prepared to learn; follow the general rules of the school and classroom
  • Treat other's property, including the school and school equipment, with respect

Unacceptable Behaviour:

Students are expected to follow the guidelines outlined in this code in classrooms, throughout the school, on school grounds, at school functions, and on the way to and from school.


  • Poor school attendance
  • Repeated or wilful interference with the teaching and learning process
  • Rudeness of wilful disobedience to any staff member
  • Acts or threats of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Violence in any form
  • Use or possession of illicit or illegal substances, including cigarettes, matches, or stolen merchandise
  • Use or possession of weapons or replicas
  • Acts of bullying, harassment, threats, or intimidation
  • Acts of racism or discrimination
  • Acts of theft or vandalism
  • Retribution against a person who has reported incidents


  • Bullying (including cyber-bullying)
  • Harassment, threat, intimidation and marginalization
  • Violence in any form
  • Abuse in any form (verbal, physical, sexual)
  • Intolerance and discrimination in any form, i.e. based on an individual or group's race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Retribution against a person who has reported incidents


  • Intoxicating or banned substances (including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs)
  • Theft and vandalism (or damage to personal property)
  • Weapons or replica (toy) weapons (including laser pointers); explosives (including fireworks) and pepper or other obnoxious sprays.
  • Intruders or trespassers (all visitors must first report to the office)
  • Inappropriate clothing or unacceptable slogans imprinted on clothing


  • School computers and other electronic devices are only to be used for school/education related activities.  They are not permitted for social networking, gaming, illegal, obscene or inappropriate purposes.  Inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, attempts to vandalize, gain unauthorized access to data or another person's account or resources, and sharing of data without personal or parental consent as appropriate.
  • Recording of visual images is not permissible at school unless permission has been received by the classroom teacher with respect to a classroom project.
  • Students are to be aware that they may be subject to discipline (or, if applicable, confiscation of personal property) for misuse of any technology, if it negatively impacts the school environment.
  • Misuse of district technology services will lead to suspension of user privileges and possible disciplinary or legal action.

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