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Semiahmoo Secondary

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International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate


International Baccalaureate Program
A district program of choice

Any IB related inquiries can be directed to the IB coordinator 
Ms. Karine Guezalova:

We will accept applications for the 2021-2023 cohort between Feb 5-16, 2021 (Application below)

Submission deadline is Feb.16, 2021. Late applications will be waitlisted.


In lieu of IB Information Night, perspective applicants are asked to view the powerpoint presentation below.

2020 IB Information Session October_.pdf

If you have any questions, please include them in Q&A form below:


After you review the powerpoint presentation, you can download and complete the application.


*Application packages without all necessary documents will not be accepted.

        Please submit applications to Semiahmoo Main Office:                                                    1785 – 148th Street, Surrey, BC, V4A 4M6

Please read the Academic Honesty Policy and fill out and sign the Academic Honesty Declaration. This must be handed in with application.

The IB Diploma is an internationally recognized credential program of studies which opens doors for our Surrey students, hones their critical thinking skills,  and promotes global citizenship.  Often providing more opportunities to compete for major scholarships both locally and internationally, the IB diploma is both enriched and accelerated with many students receiving credits for first year courses or going directly to second year at universities, which can considerably save both time and money for our students.  The Advanced Placement International Certificate, French Baccalaureate, Welsh Baccalaureate and Cambridge Pre-University diplomas are similar to the IB Diploma academic credentials. I believe the IB is unique in educating the whole student, developing the capacity for inquiry, research and problem solving as well as essential skills for communication and collaboration. Semiahmoo IB has a proven record of outstanding results and university and scholarship placement. IB Diploma programme provides personal and academic challenge, supportive and nurturing environment, a unified program of studies, an interdisciplinary approach, a global education emphasis and university level preparation. Semi IB teachers are trained by IB; many of them are IB examiners in different subject areas. Our IB students leave the IB Diploma programme prepared for second year studies in the most rigorous university programs.
To find out more information about the International Baccalaureate Programme see links to Documents and/or go to

Why do Universities like IB?  Why Universities like IB Brochure.pdfWhy Universities like IB Brochure.pdf
IB a Predictor of Success in University: IB Predictor of Success in University.pdfIB Predictor of Success in University.pdf
The IB Learner Profile and how it helps in university:  LearnerProfile for Universitiespdf.pdfLearnerProfile for Universitiespdf.pdf

Karineguezalova_k@surreyschools.caInternational Baccalaureate Programme Coordinator
There are currently no active announcements.
 Steven Song, Gold in the International Chemistry Olympiad
 Tristan Downing, Blyth Cambridge Scholarship
 Tristan Downing, Bronze Medalist in the International Physics Olympiad
 Nick Johnston, Named to present at the Junior Academy of Sciences
 Nick Johnston, National Bronze medalist to o International Science and Engineering
 Lloyd James, National Bronze medalist to International Science and Engineering Fair
 Kay Hung, Provincial Bronze Medalist goes to National Brain Bee
 Nury Lee & Fred Zhu, Selected Gene Researchers of the Week
 B Grad Art Show on TV
IB and BC Transcript Ordering Information for Grade 12 Students and their Parents.docx
Why Universities like IB Brochure.pdf
IB Predictor of Success in University.pdf
IB Learner Profile. pdf.pdf
Resume Ideas.pdf
15 IB diploma terms parents need to know _ IB Community Blog.htm
UBC admissions and the benefits of the IBDP BC[1].pdf
Debra von Bergen from Stanford.mp4
How does the Diploma Programme prepare students to be successful in both the STEM fields and liberal arts.mp4
IB Diploma 2020-2022 Application Package .pdf
IB Course 2020-2022 application form.pdf
Academic Honesty Declaration.pdf
2020 IB Information Session October_.pdf