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Career Education

The Career Education curriculum supports students in the process of becoming successful, educated citizens by providing them with opportunities to explore a variety of careers and options for their future. Career Education helps students to discover a bridge between classroom learning and workplace and post-secondary realities, and is intended to make their learning meaningful and relevant.

Career Education K–12 is a redesigned provincial curriculum that focuses solely on the competencies and content required for career development. In the past, Career Education was part of the Health and Career Education (HACE) K–9, Planning 10, and Graduation Transitions programs. The review of all curricular areas has resulted in the health curriculum being combined with physical education to create a new, holistic Physical and Health Education curriculum. The career components of Health and Career Education, Planning 10, and Graduation Transitions have been re-envisioned as the Career Education K–12 curriculum.

Career Education is a process that recognizes three major phases of career development—Foundation and Awareness, Exploration, and Experience and Application. The connection between grade levels and phases is one of emphasis—many high school students will still need to focus on awareness or exploration for example. Students will transition through each phase based on their personal development and community context.


Application accepted for both semesters. 

Semi Culinary Arts Brochure.pdfSemi Culinary Arts Brochure.pdf

Culinary Arts Application Package.pdfCulinary Arts Application Package.pdf



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The Semiahmoo Career Education Centre provides students with support in career education, including awareness, exploration, preparation, planning and work experience.  Students are encouraged to gain knowledge, skills, understanding, experiences, and develop good attitudes to further their education and employment opportunities. Student support can also be obtained for resume writing, scholarship opportunities, volunteer work, introduction to co-op programs, Surrey School District Partnership programs with BCIT, Kwantlen University, or VCC. Students interested in working in a trade such as line cook, carpentry, or hairdressing, to name a few of the more than 20 areas available, may also be eligible to receive school credits and be registered as an apprentice through our Secondary School Apprenticeship program.

Opportunities are also available for students to attend specialty programs such as RCMP Youth Academy, BCIT Biotechnology Career Awareness and The Art Institute's S.W.E.A.T. program for budding designers. These programs are typically one week in length and are offered at various times throughout the year.

There are many more aspects that we are able to help with.  Please visit us at the Career Centre or check back on this website for interesting links.


Start thinking about a career now......or you could end up like these people.


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Think you might like to be in a trade? Sign up and see what it takes. Do you have the essential skills to succeed?


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wrong job.jpg
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Culinary Arts Application Package.pdf
Semi Culinary Arts Brochure.pdf
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