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Johnston Heights

An IB Continuum World School for MYP & DP

Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures



If you are driving your car to school and parking in a school parking lot, the car must be registered at the office. We place warning notifications on student cars that do not have the JH Parking Decal clearly displayed.

Students must fill out a Media-Web consent form annually: Media-Web ConsentForm-English[1].pdf

Please ensure a parent or guardian calls the school in the event of a student absence. Calls will not be taken from students calling to excuse themselves. In the event of an extended absence, please call a counselor or member of the Admin Team to discuss your child's situation. If the absence is a vacation or trip for family or other purposes that will extend for a longer period of time, a form must be filled out by your child, his or her teachers, and signed by the Admin Team at least two weeks prior to departure:  Notification of Extended Absence.pdf

Should a parent, guardian or student volunteer to drive other students for a field trip or other excursion, they must be registered with the school ahead of time. This form must be renewed annually.  Volunteer Drivers Registration Secondary (10313.1-2).pdf