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Johnston Heights

An IB Continuum World School for MYP & DP

Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures


STUDENT DRIVERS, PLEASE NOTE: If you are driving your car to school and parking in a school parking lot, the car must be registered at the office. We place warning notifications on student cars that do not have the JH Parking Decal clearly displayed.

Should a parent, guardian or student volunteer to drive other students for a field trip or other excursion, they must be registered with the school ahead of time. This form must be renewed annually.  Volunteer Drivers Registration Secondary (10313.1-2).pdf

Students must fill out a Media-Web consent form annually: Media-Web ConsentForm-English[1].pdf

Please ensure a parent or guardian calls the school in the event of a student absence. Calls will not be taken from students calling to excuse themselves. In the event of an extended absence, please call a counselor or member of the Admin Team to discuss your child's situation. If the absence is a vacation or trip for family or other purposes that will extend for a longer period of time, a form must be filled out by your child, his or her teachers, and signed by the Admin Team at least two weeks prior to departure:  Notification of Extended Absence.pdf