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Earl Marriott

To Strive, To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield

Sports Teams
Sports Teams


Welcome to the Athletic Department


The Athletics Department is in place to facilitate and administer athletics within the school setting at Earl Marriott Secondary. Under the dir​ection of the Athletic Director, in coordination with the school’s administration, the Department oversees all aspects of sport including but not limited to: selection of coaches, promotion of sport, scheduling and registration, finances of the department, and rules and regulations of all governing bodies.


 The priority of the EMS Athletics Department is to ensure the effective and successful implementation of all sport programs at the school and to assist all teams, coaches and athletes in their athletic endeavors. We offer as many teams and sport programs our school population can sustain and are always willing to add according to the needs of the student population. Our support extends to all teams regardless of level, gender, or sport and will be available whenever needed or required.


We wish all teams and their athlete’s success in their upcoming season.

​For more information about our Athletic Programs please check out our website:


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