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Coyote Creek

Success For All



To stay up to date on Coyote Creek events and information, be sure to go to and click follow . We post weekly.  

2021 Choice and Focus Information Meetings.pdf
2021 Programs of Choice Lottery.pdf
K Registration flyer 2020-2021.pdf
Coyote Creek letter Oct28 2020.pdf
Next week at Coyote Creek 2020.pdf
2020-2021 Student Accident Announcement.pdf
2020-2021 Coyote Creek Calendar.pdf
Student Schedules.pdf
Parent info - March 31.pdf
Parent letter- March 30-April 3.pdf
Spring Break Parent Memo March 12 2020.pdf
COVID-19 Update Feb. 28 2020.pdf
Novel Coronavirus Update[1].pdf
Letter to Parents via EDU_Feb 7.pdf
FH Letter to Parents Jan 22 2020.pdf
Halloween Letter to Neighbours 2019.pdf
2019-2020 Coyote Creek Calendar.pdf
Coyote Creek Grade Map 2019.pdf
2019-2020 Coyote Creek Calendar .pdf
Sports Day Notice.pdf
School Fees 2019-20.pdf
Class Placement letter.pdf
Measles Campaign Letter to Parents from Schools 29Apr19 FINAL SP.pdf
Proposal Parents.docx
Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation.pdf
Ready, Set, Learn Invitation - 2019.pdf
Ministry learning survey .pdf
Ministry learning survey .doc
momo letter .pdf
momo letter .doc
Measles letter to SDs and Parents - AB_20190221.pdf
2019 Kindergarten Lottery Parent Information.pdf
Parent InfoSheet-Cannabis.pdf
Halloween Letter to Neighbours 2018.pdf
Photo Day Oct 4 2018.jpg
First Day Procedures - Coyote .pdf
2018-2019 Kids Plus Accident Insurance.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018 - CHN Final.pdf
Punjabi - Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018 Final.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2018.pdf
Calendar 2018-2019 Coyote Creek.pdf
Coyote Creek News - June 28, 2018.pdf
Coyote Creek News - May 25, 2018.pdf
Coyote Creek News - May 16, 2018.pdf
Good afternoon.pdf
K Registration flyer.pdf
Elementary Staff - All Zones.pdf
191851 Parent Letter_Curriculum Timeline.pdf
190783_190784 Attachment - Parent Engagement Letter Sept27.pdf
Communicating with your School[1].pdf
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Time: 11/30/2020 7:39:45 AM
Host: AS78
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