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Office Hours:

Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm


14033 92 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3V 0B7

How to register Online:

Secondary & Adult Learners Registration

Visit and point your cursor at the “Summer Registration” tab and choose the three options: Elementary, Secondary, or Adult Learners registrations.     

The Online Registration link will be found on each landing site, except for Elementary Summer Learning registration.     Elementary Summer Learning is by referral from the home school.

You must have your PEN number to register.  Contact your school if your PEN number does not appear on your report card. Or, please click Here and follow the instructions to find your P.E.N.

Start and End Date for Full Credit:

5 weeks - from July 2 to August 2 (Monday to Friday)

Start and End Date for Preview/Review:

3 weeks - from July 8 – 26 (Monday to Friday)

Full Credit Course:

Online registration opens: April 8, 2024 at 9:00 am

Online registration closes on June 23, 2024 at 11:59 pm

For students wanting to get ahead for the next year, to obtain a better mark, or need classes to enter post-secondary.

Preview / Review Course

(Formerly Academic Completion)


Online Registration opens April 15, 2024

Online Registration closes June 23, 2024

For current Grade 7 - 9 students who aim to preview upcoming course material or seek to deepen their understanding after completing the course, as well as solidify the foundational lessons.

There will not be any percentage grading. The new grading system uses the proficiency scale where student performance is labeled as either Emerging, Developing, Proficient, or Extending. 

Preview courses give a basic overview, not the full curriculum. They do not replace an entire grade.  Students who finish these courses won't get a letter grade or have them listed on their transcripts.

No referral is required.


Am I eligible to register for                               Summer Learning classes if I attend a private   school or am an Out-of-District student?






Yes, whether you're an out-of-district student or a private school student, you are eligible to register for Surrey School District Summer Learning classes.  You will need to provide your PEN number and upload the necessary documents on our secure registration website. Required documents are: 

Category A:    

1.  Photo Identification for the Parent/Guardian such as Driver’s License, Photo BC Services Card, BCID card, or passport

2.  Evidence of Guardianship (as shown on a Child’s birth certificate, or other legal documentation such as a Landed Immigrant Document or Guardianship Order)

3.  Proof of Student’s Birthdate such as the Student’s Birth certificate or Passport

Category B:  

Evidence of Residence of Parent/Guardian in BC – 

Valid government documents such as Valid BC Driver’s License, BC Services Card, BCID or ICBC Registration Document). If the above documents are not available,  please provide Two or more of the following: Utility Bill, Rental/Property Purchase Agreement, Employment pay slips, Bank/Insurance Statement, Health Documents (medical reports or letters), Letter Mail with Name and Address of Resident, Letter from Employer, or other documents that indicate resident’s name & address.

Contact your school if your PEN number does not appear on your report card. Or, please click Here and follow the instructions to find your P.E.N.

Can I take more than 1 course?

Yes, you can take up to 2. However, we recommend only taking 1 full credit course as it is fast-paced and intense as it is covering 1 full year in 5 weeks.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

First, check your junk folders. If not there you can request a new email be sent to you by emailing 

You must include your PEN, Legal Name, and Date of Birth in your email so we can find you.

The classes I want are full.  What do I do now?

Apr 8 – Jun 23  –  You can keep checking for the availability through the online registration to see if there have been any withdrawals by viewing the ‘regular’ online registration link can be found on our website

After July 2 - Wait list sign-up in person at the Summer School sites

How do I add another class?

If you have already registered a course previously you will need to go through your original confirmation email and use your 8-digit password and a link, you can check availability through the link provided in the confirmation email.

How do I withdraw or change my courses?

While registration is still open (Apr8 - Jun23 11:59pm), use the link and the 8-digit password in the most recent confirmation email.

After registration closes (Jun23-27), Course Change/Withdraw link is available on the website

After June 27th, you will need to go the school you are signed up, in person, to complete a withdrawal request with a form.

Do not call the school sites before July 2, 2024. As current staffs are not looking after any of the Summer Learning matters.

How do I withdraw from a course?

April 8 – Jun 23 You will need to use the link provided in your most recent registration confirmation email. Whenever you make a change, you will receive a new confirmation email.

Jun 24 - Jun 27 – Course Change/Withdraw link is available on the website

When do I use the link in the confirmation   email from my recent registration?

  • Adding a class
  • Changing courses
  • Withdrawing from courses (before June 24th)

You will get a NEW confirmation email every time you make a change to your course schedule, please always go through the most recent email confirmation link.


What is the fee for International Students?

$1200 – per course for Full Credit

$600   – per course for Preview/Review and Preview/Review ELL 

$600   – for Elementary, ELL, Transitions, and LEAD Program

Tuition must be paid in full by July 4th or you will be removed from all Summer Learning courses. 

Payment is taken over the phone at 604-595-6077 – we accept Visa and MasterCard.  Please have the student's PEN number ready.

What is the Withdrawal and Refund Policy?

Last day to withdraw is 4:00pm on July 4, 2024.  Refund requests must be put in writing to no later than July 5, 2024.  No refunds will be granted for requests made after this date.  To ensure prompt processing, please use “Refund Request” as the subject line in your email.

You must include your PEN, Legal Name, Date of Birth, phone number and the courses that you have registered for, when you call to pay, or email to withdraw.

How do I register for the various                             Skills Exploration Programs?

The same way you would as any other course. Registration is available online; the link is posted on our website.

Where do I register for French Immersion courses?

We do not offer any Secondary summer French Immersion courses. Speak to your school counselor if you have concerns.

Do you offer the Numeracy and Literacy   Assessments?

No. Please speak to your school to schedule.



I am an adult. How do I register?










Online Registration opens April 15, 2024

Online Registration closes June 23, 2024

Academic Courses for

Current Students (Invergarry/QE students) and Non-Current Students:

Register through a link on our website at (Move your cursor to ‘Summer Registration’ on the page and click)  

Registrants are required to upload documents, including photo identification and proof of residency.  Please refer to the adult registration section on our website for more details. 

English Foundations Level 1-7 & Math Foundations Level 1-7 for 

Current Students (Invergarry/QE students) and Non-Current Students:

You can download the registration form at Registration/ Adult Learners) and submit the completed form in person at Invergarry Adult Education Centre.  

Non-current students are required to present photo identification and proof of residency during registration.  Please refer to the adult registration section on our website for more details.

I’m not sure which class to pick.                               Which one is best for me?

Talk to your school counsellor. Our clerical team is unable to hive academic advice to students.

What are the prerequisites for courses?

You will need to talk to your school counselor.

We are going on vacation; can I miss a class?

No, all classes are mandatory for successful completion.

How do I register for the elementary       Programs/LEAD/Transitions?

Registration is managed by the school that the student currently attends through the regular year. Speak with the student’s teacher (elementary program/Transitions) or the teacher in charge at the secondary school (LEAD).

Will classes be online or in person?

All classes are in person.




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