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Weather Protocol Letter From Principal

With second semester classes about to begin, and with the impending and unpredictable weather, it is important for us to revisit the School District's weather protocol.

The district supports individual and family decisions regarding safety. Student and staff safety are a priority of the school district. Parents/guardians have primary responsibility for their children's safe travel to school and staff members also decide if local conditions may be unsafe. If, for any reason, there are personal concerns about the ability to travel safely to school, other arrangements should be made. It is understood some students travel to school on routes that may be challenging on a snow day; therefore, no student will be penalized for lack of attendance because of such conditions. While schools are likely to be kept open, the decision to attend is the responsibility of each family. Parents can phone or email the school to notify staff a student won't be attending. Weather-related student absences will be excused.

Please use caution when travelling to and from school and if you are unable to make your classes on Wednesday or Thursday, please contact the office at 604-581-1413 or email me

Doug Litke
Principal – Queen Elizabeth Continuing Education

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