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Registration Support

Our Welcome Centre staff are available to assist new families in finding their neighbourhood school, completing their registration forms, etc. if necessary. Please contact the Welcome Centre @604-543-3060.

How to Register

The Surrey School District is pleased to welcome new students to our schools. 

To start the student registration process, parents need to fill out and submit an on-line registration application which can be found by clicking This Registration Link. Please attach/upload all required documentation when you fill out the on-line registration. In-person registration at the neighbourhood school in not required.  

If the Student is a Refugee Claimant, or a Temporary Resident where the parent holds a temporary Study, Work, Diplomatic, or Minister/Religious Permit, parents can also complete the online registration providing proof of residency that verifies they meet the criteria for ordinarily resident.

School Registration Documents for All Students

Eligibility Guidelines

Ministry of Education and Child Care funding is provided for students who, along with their parent/guardian, are “ordinarily resident” in British Columbia. To determine ordinary residency, parents or legal guardians provide: 

PART ONE: Required documentation (does not have to be from British Columbia) 

l.jpg1. Photo identification for the parent/guardian such as: driver’s licence, passport, Photo BC Services Card, BCID card.

2. Evidence of guardianship (as shown on child’s birth certificate, or other appropriate legal documentation, such as, 

 landed immigrant document or guardianship order).

3. Evidence of birth date for the student (e.g., birth certificate or passport). 

PART TWO: Evidence of residence for the parent/guardian in British Columbia 

4. Valid government issued documentation showing the address of residence with the name of ordinarily resident parent/guardian (e.g., BC Driver’s License, BC Services Card, BCID or ICBC Registration Document, etc.). 

If the above documents are not available, the Principal uses discretion to register students based on two or more of the following: 

• Property purchase agreement 

• Utility bill 

• Rental agreement (or letter from landlord) 

• Health documents (medical reports and letters) 

• Letter-mail with name and address of resident 

• Employment pay-slips 

• Bank statements 

• Letter from employer 

• Insurance statements or policies 

• Statement or letter from a Notary Public 

• Other documents that indicate resident’s name and address

SSWC Service Referral Form

Surrey Schools Welcome Centre Service Referral Form .url

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