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School Registration

Students who attend South Surrey/White Rock Learning Centre must be between 15 and 19 years old (grade 10 to 12).  They must be referred to us by their home/catchment high school.  A referral form will be completed by that school and sent on to us.  Our Principal, Janice Smith, will then be in touch with the student and their parent/guardian.  

Once attendance at SSWRLC has been confirmed, a Registration Information Form will need to be completed and returned to us.

When a student starts at our Centre, he/she will need:

  • a binder with paper
  • pen/pencils
  • your resume if you have one
  • a calculator if you are taking a Math course

As well, our school fees of $50 are required.  

  • This includes the student fees of $25.  This covers cost of go-cards, field trips/workshops.
  • A book deposit of $25 will be refunded when the student has completed our program or withdraws.  All books need to be returned to the school to receive the refund.
  • We accept cash or cheques only.

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