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SOGI-Inclusive Education: Educators

The BC Human Rights Code changed in 2016 to include protections for gender identity and expression. Coupled with research gleaned from The BC Adolescent Health Survey, these protections encouraged the Ministry of Education to mandate similar, explicit protections in the official policies of all 60 school districts. Teaching with a SOGI-inclusive lens is not optional. Students have a legal right to feel safe. What's more is that when students feel safe and see themselves in what they study and how they are instructed, they learn more and they are more healthy--both mentally and physically. This means that teachers need to use resources that show diverse family structures, expressions of gender, and forms of love or connection in age-appropriate ways. SOGI diversity should be embedded and not something taught separately in a unit or lesson, and should be approached as we would the diversity among culture, race, or religion in our society and classroom.  

We are teaching and learning in an exciting era--there are so many resources and so much help for you if you are just beginning your SOGI-inclusive teaching journey. SOGI 123 has resources and lesson plans for educators and helpful information for parents, including a pre-made presentation for parents on their website.


"Growing up is, for all children, a process of discovering who they are in relation to self and others.  In a predominately heteroxexual society constantly and pervasively reinforcing heterosexual behaviour, identiy conflict will inevitably occur for most persons who have a homosexual orientation...whether manifested or not, there is a sense of being somehow diferent than the world expects them to be, and this is a source of considerable identity conflict for most homosexual students." R.M. Marinoble, 1998, p. 54-55



The Surrey School District also has district and school-based workshops for teachers and administrators, SOGI-inclusive books in every school, a SOGI lead teacher in each school, a Safe and Incusive Environments Brochure to hand out to classes and send home, teachers' working teams, workshops for setting up Diversity clubs in Elementary Schools and Gender and Sexuality Alliances in High Schools.  For more information, email


BCTF LGBTQ Issues in Education: Workshops, Lesson Plans, and Resources

Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students, by Peter Dewitt

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network's GLSEN Ready Set Respect.pdf

Out in Schools: Presentations, Films and Resources

Pride Education Network's challenging-homophobia.pdf

Pride Education Network's  PEN Gender Spectrum.pdf

SOGI 123 Lesson Plans

SOGI 123 SOGI+123_Parent+Resources_Presentation.pptx

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