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Early Primary Makers


Early Primary Maker Space Resources

What is a Maker Space?

The philosophy behind the maker movement is to explore and create with  purpose. It’s about embracing a child’s natural curiousity and supporting the notion of learning by doing.  As it should be in every classroom, play is a key component  in the maker movement.

Makers believe it you can imagine  it you can make it.

Still a bit unsure, here’s a great article on  why the maker movement matters written by Sylvia Martinez

Before you look at tools figure out your WHY for making. Possibly whys may include…

- explore personal creativity

- working together to utilize the brilliance of each maker

- to create personalized experiences that foster learning

General Maker Resources

Pinterest Boards

Kindergarten Pinterest Samples -

Primary Maker Space Pinterest Board -

Maker Space Resources Pinterest Board -

Maker Movement Programing and Coding -


YouTube Channels

Super Awsome Silvia

Possible Tools and Maker Ideas for Young Learners

Electronics/Squishy Circuits


  • Create a maze for a marble

  • Design an airplane that can fly the furthest, spin etc..

  • Design a bridge that will help x story character get to their destination

  • Design a wall that Humpty Dumpty won’t fall off of - test with a real egg

  • Design a building that will… (mini engineers)



Lego/Blocks/Tinker Toys/Marble Works/Connects

  • Create a water slide using marbleworks

  • Create the tallest tower you can

  • Design a platform that will hold the weight of X

  • Create a vehicle that transports items

  • Design your ideal house

  • Make  letters/your name/an animal with lego

  • Lego Quest website

  • Lego Challenges


  • creating your own puppets then telling a story with them

  • shadow puppets

Playdough/Clay/Modelling Material

  • bring story characters to life with playdough/circuits

Paints/Markers/Crayons/Coloured Pencils

Craft sticks/Straws/Paper Towel Rolls, Yarn/Fabric/Cellophane/Pipe Cleaners

  • Design people from pipe cleaners

Leaves/Flowers/Grass/Moss/Twigs/Bark/Pine Cones

  • make a nest for a bird

  • build an object that will hide an animal from its enemies


Musical Instruments

  • make your own musical instruments

  • make your own music


Additional Resources

Maker Space Play Book -

Special thank you to Michelle Cordy for sharing her resources, and to all those who contributed ideas via twitter.

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