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École Woodward Hill

Fostering a safe, caring and respectful community where students can reach their full academic, emotional and social potential.

Parent Resources
Parent Resources


As a parent or guardian, you care about your child's progress in school. Resources can help you ensure your child is on the right track. Follow the links below to learn more about learning and other resources to help you support your child.

 Information and Inspiration for French Immersion Parents
 Parent Support Services Society of BC
  Parents Magazine
 Bedtime Math
Homework - quality, not quantity.pdf
DOM Parents (S).pdf
Panorama Ridge Montessori Preschool - Kidzville.pdf
Sebek's Martial Athletic Club.pdf
Your First Language.pdf
Reading For Families.pdf
Communicating with Your School.pdf
Closures, Delayed Openings and Class Cancellations.pdf
Facebook and Elementary School Children.pdf
Combined-Grade Classes.pdf
Kindergarten Brochure.pdf
Personalized Learning in BC Parents' Guide.pdf
Keeping Kids Safe.pdf
Internet Safety Tips.pdf
The Good Snack Guide.pdf
Head Lice Info.pdf
What You Can Do at Home.pdf
School Safety Alert System.pdf
Traffic and Parking Safety.pdf
Fraser Health Measles Info.pdf
English Conversation.pdf
Body Remembers Poster_.pdf
Connect Parent Grp Poster Fall 2017.pdf
Connect Parent Grp Poster Fall 2017[1].pdf
Practical Parenting Poster Fall 2017.pdf
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