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South Surrey / White Rock Learning Centre

Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures


School District #36 (surrey)
Our school is a small secondary school that is built on a foundation of respect – respect for self, students, staff and the school.  We have found the following guidelines are necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the school and the success of our students.  Students need to adhere to the following expectations while under the jurisdiction of the school:  travelling to and from or while at school sponsored events.  Your cooperation is appreciated.
1.         Conduct – students who engage in acts of violence, vandalism, tagging, bullying, cyber-bullying, threats, discrimination, racism, or are involved with drugs or alcohol (intoxicating/banned substances) will be sent home and depending upon the severity of the incident and prior conduct, may be dismissed from this school.  Our school is free from acts of verbal, physical, sexual abuse; theft, retribution against others.  We do not tolerate weapons (or replica weapons), explosives, intruders or trespassers.
2.         Full Attendance and punctuality is mandatory – parent/guardian to phone if you are going to be absent.  Schedule appointments whenever possible outside of your scheduled session.  If an appointment during school time is unavoidable, parent/guardian is to phone office or provide a note.
3.         Lates – there will be immediate consequence for late arrival.  Students arriving late are to sign in with their teacher.  Students who are chronically late may be required to attend Friday school or to make a schedule shift.
4.         Language and behaviour – please use respectful language and behaviour at all times.  Do not engage in swearing, slurs against others, harassment, threats, intimidation, inappropriate hand gestures or bullying.  No loitering in the washrooms.
5.         Academic History – if a student engages in cheating, plagiarism or other improprieties, appropriate actions will be taken.
6.         School Attire – students are expected to wear suitable clothing.  Students wearing clothing with inappropriate themes, messages, logos or accessories, or students showing excessive skin, midriff, or undergarments, will be asked to cover up or may be sent home to change and will need to make up the session.
7.         Personal Listening Devices (PLD) – you are welcome to listen to your own music, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your own or others’ work.  If it does, you will be asked to turn it down, shut it off, or give it up.  Swapping and sharing headphones, disks or tapes is not permitted during instructional time.
8.         Cell phones and Text Messaging – these are not for use during class time, or in the washrooms.  They must be kept out of sight and turned off.  They may be used to break or lunch outside.  Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.
9.         Computers – no food or drink at the computers.  Not for use as a personal listening device.  Use of computers for email can happen outside of instructional time only.
10.      Smoking – our grounds and school are tobacco free at all times.  Students are NOT to smoke on adjacent business properties.
11.      Consequences – consequences will be applied to unacceptable conduct in accordance with Surrey School District Safe & Caring Schools Reg. 9410.2 Disciplinary Guide.  Progressive discipline methods based on the severity and the frequency of the behaviour and age of the student, will be implemented to alter the inappropriate and/or unsafe behaviour.
         Forms of unacceptable conduct cited above are only some examples and not an
         all-inclusive list.

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