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W.E. Kinvig

Honesty Caring Leadership



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Communicating with your School[1].pdf
W.E. Kinvig September 2015 Newsletter.pdf
W.E. Kinvig Strong Start September 2015 Newsletter.pdf
Nov 12 Non Instructional Day Parent Letter.pdf
W.E. Kinvig Strong Start  November 2015  Newsletter.pdf
W.E. Kinvig October 2015 Newsletter.pdf
W.E. Kinvig December 2015 Newsletter.pdf
W.E. Kinvig Strong Start January 2016 Newsletter.pdf
19 Budget Ad 2016.pdf
February 2016 Newsletter.ppt
W.E. Kinvig March and April, 2016  Newsletter.pdf
Water Quality - Letter to Parents FINAL.PDF
Fraser Health water quality letter.pdf
Newsletter 1 September 13 2016.pdf
Newsletter 2 October 4 2016.pdf
Newsletter 3 October 28 2016.pdf
Newsletter 4 December 5 2016.pdf
Kindergarten Registration Poster 2017-2018.pdf
Newsletter 5 January 5 2017.pdf
Newsletter 6 February 2 2017.pdf
Newsletter 7 March 1, 2017.pdf
I am the Storm.wav
Newsletter 10 June 3 2017 Revised.pdf
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