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Lord Tweedsmuir


Home Economics
Home Economics


Home economics education helps students to interpret and understand the world of family and work, and to identify and solve challenges that occur in their daily lives. The aim of the curriculum is to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that have immediate and future applications in their personal and family lives, as well as in several key sectors of our local and global economies.

Mr. Jbuist_j@surreyschools.caTeaching Chef
Ms. Z.hantke_z@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. Cjennens_c@surreyschools.caTeacher / Dept. Head
Ms. Sjohnstonmeyer_s@surreyschools.caTeacher / Dept. Head
Ms. B.proctor_b@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. K.stroh_k@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. J.weidner_j@surreyschools.caTeacher
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Apple Crepes FIB.doc
Apple Crepes.doc
Apple sauce muffin (no demo).doc
Berry twists FIB.doc
Berry twists.doc
Black Bean Corn Quesadilla FIB.docx
Black Bean Corn Quesadilla.docx
Blondies FIB.docx
Blueberry Cobbler FIB .doc
Blueberry Cobbler.doc
Breakfast Hash Designing Template .docx
Calzone 2 day FIB.doc
Calzone 2 day.doc
Carrot muffin FIB.doc
Carrot muffin(no demo).doc
Chicken Fajitas FIB.doc
Chicken Fajitas.doc
Chocolate Drops (no demo).doc
Cream of Broccoli Soup FIB.doc
Cream of Broccoli Soup.doc
Fettuccine Alfredo FIB.docx
Fettuccini Alfredo.doc
Fruit Turnovers 2 day.doc
Greenhouse Salad (4) FIB.docx
Greenhouse Salad (4).docx
Measurement Confetti Muffins.doc
Minestrone Soup.doc
Minestrone Soup FIB.doc
Omelette and hashbrowns, Bacon FIB .docx
Omelette and hashbrowns, Bacon.docx
Pancakes + Berry Sauce (4) .doc
Pancakes + Berry Sauce FIB (4) .doc
Pretzels (no demo).docx
Puffy Pancake + Hot Chocolate FIB .docx
Puffy Pancake + Hot Chocolate.docx
pumpkin choc.chip cookie (no demo).doc
Soulvaki and Rice Pilaf 2 day.doc
Soulvaki and Rice pilaf FIB.doc
Spicy Red Lentil Pasta (4).docx
Spicy Red Lentil Pasta (4) FIB.docx
sunshine muffin (no demo).doc
sweet and sticky chicken (4) (no demo).docx
Taco Salad with Chipotle docx.docx
Taco Salad with Chipotle FIB.docx
Twice baked potato FIB.doc
Twice baked potato.doc
Vegetable Fried rice.doc
Vegetable stirfry FIB.doc
Vegetable Stirfry.doc
vegetables fried rice FIB.doc
Pretzels (no demo) FIB.docx
Swedish Tea Ring.doc
Swedish Tea Ring FIB.doc
sweet and sticky chicken FIB.docx
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Time: 4/18/2021 2:01:03 AM
Host: AS80
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