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Lord Tweedsmuir




The Counselling Department endeavors to assist students to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to:

  • know and appreciate themselves

  • relate effectively to others

 Please click on the following links below to access Scholarship and Counselling Websites.




Scholarship Website

Counselling Website

Mme. M.allard_m@surreyschools.caCounsellor (Q - Te)
Mr. J.cameron_j@surreyschools.caCounsellor (K - P)
Ms. K.harris_k@surreyschools.caCounsellor (Dh - J)
Ms. H.overgaard_h@surreyschools.caCounsellor (Th - Z)
Mr. K.thornton_k@surreyschools.caCounsellor (A - De)
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 Gr. 8 into Gr. 9 Course Selection Power Point Video
 Gr. 9 into Gr. 10 Course Selection Power Point Video
Online Course Request Instructions.pdf
Encounters With Canada 2019.pdf
Language Challenge Exam Information 2019-2020.pdf
8-9 Course Selection 20-21.pdf
2020 Course Selection Schedule.pdf
10-11-12 COURSE SELECTION   20-21.pdf
Grade 08 Course Selection Sheet 20-21 PDF.pdf
Grade 09 Course Selection Sheet 20-21 PDF.pdf
Grade 10 Course Selection Sheet 20-21.pdf
Grade 11 Course Selection Sheet 20-21.pdf
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