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Surrey Community College

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Education Assistant
Education Assistant


Education Assistant Diploma Program

Training to be an Education Assistant can lead to employment with Surrey Schools working with students with special needs.  Please see the EA - Program Template in Documents for more information.

We are taking applications by email for the next session.  Classes start in September and February.  Students cannot register for a session that has started already.  

Look at the Admission Checklist in Documents below for all requirements to apply.   Students cannot get Student Aid for college programs.  

Classes are being taught online now and practicum is in schools.  Thanks and stay safe.



Admission Checklist - June 2020.pdf
2/22/2021 2:32 PMKathy Krulitsky
Application Form - Fillable.pdf
6/21/2020 7:03 AMKathy Krulitsky
Character Reference - fillable.pdf
8/14/2020 3:31 PMShannon Beaver
Duolingo - Student Sharing Results Instructions.pdf
1/11/2021 12:30 PMKathy Krulitsky
Duolingo - Tips for Your Test Experience.pdf
1/11/2021 12:27 PMKathy Krulitsky
EA - FAQ.pdf
11/10/2020 10:55 AMKathy Krulitsky
EA - Program Template.pdf
1/8/2021 2:14 PMKathy Krulitsky
English Testing Options.pdf
1/11/2021 12:32 PMKathy Krulitsky
How to Scan a Document With Your Phone.pdf
7/30/2020 6:56 AMKathy Krulitsky
SCC Policies - August 2018.pdf
8/22/2018 9:46 AMKathy Krulitsky