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Sunnyside Elementary



​​All official Sunnyside Newsletters will be posted in the section below.  If you sign up for Newsletters on the Sunnyside main page, you will need to confirm your e-mail address, but once you have, you will be notified of any new posted newsletters.


Boundary Change Notice - Boundary Map.pdf
Newsletter June 2017.pdf
Joint RCMP and Surrey Schools Letter to Parents June 2017.pdf
First Day of School- September 5th Instructions.pdf
3. App Sep 2017.pdf
principals msg.pdf
Parent Update 2 13OCT2017.pdf
PAC Message 26OCT2017.pdf
Parent Update 4.pdf
Halloween Letter to Neighbours 2017.pdf
Parent Update 6.pdf
Parent Update 7.pdf
Elementary School Parents - South Zone.pdf
Parent update 8.pdf
Volleyball Notice.pdf
Parent Update 9.pdf
Parent Update 10.pdf
Parent letter from RCMP.pdf
Parent Update 11.pdf
Capital Project Announcement.pdf
Microsoft Word - March Bake Sale - Flyer.jpg
Session info
Time: 3/23/2018 5:37:36 PM
Host: AS78
Ref# 8e5a4