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Physical Education
Physical Education

Welcome to Sulli Active Learning (formerly PE) - an inclusive place where people are encouraged to be themselves, try their best, and project positive energy.  Active Learners take responsibility  for their education and their health - doing so for its own sake.  Independently of reward and punishment, active learners willingly engage in physical activity, author their assessment and have a personal concept of what it means to be physically educated.

Why Active Learning? Because learning and assessment are co-constructed by the student, their peers, their teacher, and their environment.  Along with physical literacy; movement and activity serve as vehicles to broaden and deepen social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual understandings. Ultimately, it is our hope that Sullivan students adopt and embrace a healthy, active lifestyle because they choose to.

As part of our holistic approach to student education we have also been teaching digital citizenship and portfolio skills by having students learn to blog their efforts, goals and reflective practice. For more information about the pedagogy behind blogging, as well as help videos on how to set up and secure a blog please visit:​

Garyatwal_g@surreyschools.caTeacher/Dept.Leader@Atwal20Gary Atwal
Aarondavis_aaron@surreyschools.caTeacher/Dept.Leader@aarondavis47Aaron Davis
Kerrihill_k@surreyschools.caTeacher@phillipskerriKerri Hill
Shawnstroh_s@surreyschools.caTeacher@sstroh1982Shawn Stroh
S.sunner_s@surreyschools.caPE and Socials Teacher
Jeffvaughan_j@surreyschools.caTeacher@CptKudosJeff Vaughan
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