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Sullivan Heights

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Performing Arts
Performing Arts


Choreographers and dancers, playwrights and actors, composers and musicians . . . the performing arts department encompasses a range of disciplines. We recognize the importance of artistic development in the individual and society. This development includes creative artistic expression, technique, knowledge of the classics, and a contemporary perspective. Students will not only explore performance curriculum but will also gain an understanding and appreciation of our rich cultural diversity, sizeable provincial performing arts industries, and personal social and emotional learning needs.

K.law_katherine@surreyschools.caDance TeacherMs. Law's Website
R.norman_r@surreyschools.caBand/ Choir TeacherSullivan Music Instagram
C.smith_c1@surreyschools.caDrama Teacher/Dept.LeaderSulliDrama Instagram
H.young_heather@surreyschools.caDrama/Dance Teacher
2020/2021 Performances 
by Christopher Smith
 10/1/2020 1:43 PM
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