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At our school, students will be engaged in learning a variety of mathematical concepts. Depending on the individual student's interest, our school offers courses which treat abstract topics such as transcendental functions. As well, we offer courses which will introduce students to mathematical concepts useful in every day life, such as percentages, fractions, and so on. 

Janbayat_f@surreyschools.caMathematics and Science Teacher
C.black_c@surreyschools.caMathematics Science Library Teacher
Rinachawla_r@surreyschools.caMathematics and Science Teacher
Lisadoluntap_l@surreyschools.caMathematics and Science Teacher
Melaniefunk_m@surreyschools.caMathematics and Science Teacher
Jasbirgill_j@surreyschools.caMathematics and IT Teacher
Willhemrick_w@surreyschools.caScience and Mathematics Teacher
Joycekendon_j@surreyschools.caMathematics and LST Teacher
Shilpakhanna_s@surreyschools.caPE and Mathematics Teacher
Calinlucus_c@surreyschools.caMathematics Teacher/Dept.Head
Jennifermcevoy_j@surreyschools.caMathematics and LST Teacher
Katrinasmyth_k@surreyschools.caScience and Mathematics Teacher
Chrissparkman_c@surreyschools.caScience and Mathematics Teacher
Curtistait_curtis@surreyschools.caMathematics and Bases Teacher
Jimmywu_j@surreyschools.caMathematics and Physics Teacher
Insoxiao_t@surreyschools.caMathematics Teacher
Course description 
by Lori Van Niekerk
 10/14/2014 12:59 PM
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Apprenticeship and Workplace 10.pdf
Apprenticeship and Workplace 11.pdf
Math 8 Course Outline.pdf
Precalculus 12.pdf
Foundations of Mathematics 11.pdf
Foundations of Mathematics 12.pdf
Calculus 12.pdf
Mathematics 9.pdf
Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10.pdf
Precalculus 11.pdf