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Sullivan Heights

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The language program aims to enable students to communicate in the target language and develop an openness to cultural diversity.

R.chawla_r@surreyschools.caPunjabi and Math Teacher
A.davis_a@surreyschools.caFrench Teacher
Mr. A.gonsales_a@surreyschools.caDept. Head Leader
A.jhuboo_a@surreyschools.caFrench Teacher
H.khosa_h@surreyschools.caPunjabi Teacher
S.rao_s@surreyschools.caFrench/Spanish Teacher
J.VanGanns_J@surreyschool.caSpanish teacher
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Language 8 Course syllabus.pdf
Language 9 Course Syllabus.pdf
Language 10 Course Syllabus.pdf
Language 11 Course Syllabus.pdf
Language 12 Course Syllabus.pdf
Modern Languages Student Recognition Criteria.pdf
Course outline-Punjabi 11-12.docx
Session info
Time: 10/29/2020 10:14:57 AM
Host: AS79
Ref# ec9d0