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Sullivan Heights

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Welcome to the Career Education Department!

​Ms. Rogerson
Career Development Facilitator
Youth Train in Trades
Youth Work in Trades
Academic Dual Credit Programs
District Career Programs
High School on Campus
Scholarships (internal & external)
Career Spotlights
Career & Post-Sec Field Experiences
Capstone Presentations
​Ms. Mark
Career Development Facilitator
Work Experience Coordinator
Careers 8/9 Program 
Career Spotlights support
Take our Kids to Work Day
Capstone Presentations
​Ms. Duckett
Career Centre Assistant
Volunteer Opportunities
Job Opportunities
Career Education Student Files
Event / Opportunity Communication on Instagram / Twitter / Hall TVs student support

Career Life Education 10
Ms. Van Gaans     Mr. Gill
Ms. Mark
Ms. Jaboo 
Mr. McManus
Mr. Humphreys
Career Life Connections 12 Capstone
Ms. A. Becker
Ms. Van Gaans
Ms. Mark
​Trades Post-Secondary Info
Video about Trades Post-Secondary (you may need to login to your surreyschools account to view)

Follow us on Twitter @CareerEdSHS and Instagram @sullivanheights_careers
for regular updates and opportunities. 
Grade 10-12 are invited to join the SHSS Career Centre info Team with this code in your Microsoft TEAMs  wix5mce

InSchool and District Authority Scholarship Info:  Will be available starting Feb 15th 2022
Partners36 Scholarship Application Info: Will be avilable starting Feb 15th 2022  

Courses and Programs for 2021-2022
COURSE SELECTION: The Career Education Department offers 2 elective areas
 that students can select during course selection.  
 1)  Work Experience (open for grades 11 and 12)  - Students complete a 100 hour Work Experience (unpaid or paid)    Work Experience 12a Outline.pdf
2)  District Trade Programs  District Wide Career Education Programs-Courses 2021-2022.pdf

District Career Programs  - click here to see all career programs

 students interested in Trades Apprenticeship Progams or Dual Credit courses  should see a Career Facilitator in  the Career Centre -- Applications become available in late January  - Check out the links below to videos about Co-op and District Program. Also in the  Documents section below for infomation about specific trades programs

District Programs and WEX info   - VIDEO ABOUT PROGRAMS

The Career Centre offers the following required courses at Sullivan Heights:

The Sullivan Heights Career Centre provides student support in career education and exploration.  Students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge through Career Education 8/9, Career Life Education 10, Career Life Connections 12 to help provide a smooth transition from life in high school to life after high school in either post-secondary education or work.
The Career Centre provides students with resources to explore career options, post-secondary institutions, volunteer opportunities, resume support, work experience, labour trends and information and the ability to participate in career field trips and career programs.

Careers 8- delivered through TEAMS for all grade 8 students. 
Careers 9 - delivered through TEAMS for all grade 9 students. 
Take our Kids to Work Day -   Wednesday November 3rd 2021
Career Life Education 10
Career Life Connections 12/Capstone (taken in grade 11 or 12)


Students are welcome to drop into the Career Centre
Alyssabecker_a@surreyschools.caTeacher of CLC
N.duckett_n@surreyschools.caCareer Center Assistant
Jasgill_j@surreyschools.caCLE 10 Teacher
Naginajabeen_nagina@surreyschools.caCLE 10 Teacher
JoyceMark_j@surreyschools.caCareer Development Facilitator/ Career 8/9 CLE, CLC Teacher
Susan rogerson_s@surreyschools.caDept. Leader, Career Development Facilitator - Scholarships, District Programs
J.vangaans_j@surreyschools.caTeacher of CLE and CLC
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 District Career Education Website
 Careers in Trades
 Discover BC Trades
 External scholarship twitter account
 Career Education twitter account
CLE course outline.docx
0. Scholarship checklist.docx
1. Personal Information accomplishment grid.docx
1. Personal Information scholarship profile.docx
2. External documents request for reference.docx
3. Personal Profile essay questions.docx
3. Personal Profile Spreadsheet of activities.docx
4. Scholarship Record Log.docx
Work Experience 12a  Outline.pdf
2021 InSchool and District Authority Scholarship Applicaiton Instructions with links (1).pdf
2021 Partners36 Scholarship Instructions (1).pdf
District Wide Career Education Programs-Courses 2021-2022.pdf
Student Volunteer LOG.docx