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Strawberry Hill

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Pay School Fees Online.pdf
2017-2018 Student Accident - summer website posting.pdf
Bell Schedule 2017-2018 (003).pdf
School Calendar 2017-2018.pdf
Joint RCMP  Surrey Schools Letter to Parents - Jun2017.pdf
Student Accident - Application Form.pdf
Comm E Bulletin Parents in all zones.pdf
Septemper Vol 3 Issue 1 Newsletter.pdf
Halloween Letter to Parents 2017.pdf
October Vol 3 Issue 2 Newsletter.pdf
Comm E Bulletin Parents in all zones Nov.pdf
Elementary School Parents - West Zone.pdf
November Vol 3 Issue 3 Newsletter.pdf
December Vol 3 Issue 4 Newsletter.pdf
January Vol 3 Issue 5 Newsletter.pdf
February Vol 3 Issue 6 Newsletter.pdf
Dear Parents Cashonline Available.pdf
SurreySchools Update_ Quick Links.pdf
April Vol 3 Issue 8 Newsletter.pdf
Schoolnaming ad- EdgewoodDr-DouglasDufferinPk.pdf
May Vol 3 Issue 9 Newsletter.pdf
2018-2019 Bell Schedule.pdf
2018-2019 Calendar.pdf
2018-2019  calendar.pdf
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