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Welcome to our Course Planning Site!

*Page updates*

January, 2021 Update: 

Request forms, Booklets, Power-points and timelines have been updated since December. Links to the courses by application has been posted at the bottom of this page. 

Download the PDF version of the Course Catalog. Have it available as you select your course requests for 2021-2022.

Gr 8 booklet 

Gr 9 booklet

Gr 10/11/12 booklet

Here are PDF copies of the course request forms:

Going into Gr 8

Going into Gr 9
Going into Gr 10
Going into Gr 11/12

Reminder: Course changes at a later date may not be possible. The schedule is built based on choices made during the course planning period. Because of this it is very important to make careful choices.

Course Planning Timeline Winter/Spring 2021

December 10th

Course Booklets/Forms and timelines to website

January 6

Portal Opens

January 6 - 8

Grade 10s - Counsellor visits to classes

January 11 - 15

Gr 9 to lab to complete with Vice Principals

January 11 - 22 

Grade 10s Follow up

January 18 - 22

Gr 8 to lab to complete online with Vice Principals

January 18 - 22

Gr 7s - Information/handouts to elementary schools at the beginning of the week and collected at the end of the week.  

Feb 8-10 

Grade 11s Counsellor visits to classes

Feb 11 - 26 

Grade 11s Make an appointment for questions with counsellors using calendly

Feb 26

Portal closes -> deadline for changes

Presentations for students entering Gr 8, Gr 9, Gr 10, Gr 11 and Gr 12 are being completed and the information can be found below. 

For students entering Gr. 8

For students entering Gr. 9

For students entering Gr. 10

For students entering Gr. 11

For students entering Gr. 12

See the Course Planning Timeline for more details.

MyED BC is the Information management system used by the Province of British Columbia to manage student information. Many of you are familiar with the Family Portal which enables you to view report cards and track student attendance. Course requests for the 2020 2021 school year are all entered online in MyED BC system by students. If you have logged in before and remember how to complete your course requests go directly to the START HERE button below. Don't forget the MyED BC log in page contains a forget your password feature that is linked to the email you entered into the system last year. If you need to review the process please take the time to review the video below or downlaod and review the links below.

The Course Request Portal in MyEd BC will be open January 6th to March 1st.Students will submit their course requests at home during this time. A computer lab may also be available at lunch on several of these days at school, please listen watch for intimation on SemiTime.  All students must complete this important process. Accurate data from our students will help us build the best possible timetable to meet student requests in the 2021-2022 school year.



Student Portal User Instructions

Please contact our office if you need further assistance.

Parents: We encourage you to discuss and review your child's course requests for the 2020-2021 school year. Please open and review the Course Catalogue and Course Request sheets linked to this page before February 3rd. Use the resources available on this page to map out a plan for the coming school year. When students are ready to make their selections, they can log into the course request system in MyEd BC by clicking the START HERE button starting January 6th. See the "Instructions" link and video for more details on how to complete course requests.



Courses By Application

Career Life Education/PE Leadership 10 (See Mr. Chio)

Yearbook 10/11/12 (See Ms. Ross)

Video Production 10/11/12 (See Ms. Ross)

Triple AAA 10/11/12 (See Ms. Burwash)

Leadership 11/12 (see Ms. Burwash)

Peer Tutoring 11/12 (see Ms. Barclay)

Library Science 11/12 (see Ms. McDonough)

Theater Production 11/12 (see Ms. Gibbs)

Directing & Script Development 11/12 (see Ms. Gibbs)

Active Living Rec Leadership 11 (see Ms. Cross)

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