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École Panorama Ridge

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Sports Teams
Sports Teams


Our students are invited to participate in a variety of athletic activities throughout the school year. Some sports are school-based and some involve meets, games or play days with other Surrey schools at various locations.

We appreciate the ongoing support from our coaches, teachers, volunteers and parents as well as all our drivers!

Athletics Permission Form 2021-2022.pdf
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Panorama Ridge Provincial Soccer Championships Team

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Coaches: Ms. Chan and Ms. WorthmannEmail: Ms. ChanFall Season
Coach: Ms. Pawar and Ms. SamraEmail: Ms. PawarFall Season
Coaches:  Mr. CrosbyEmail: Mr. CrosbyFall Season
Coach: Mr. Sowerby and Ms. SullivanEmail: Mr. SowerbyFall Season
Coach: Mr. Nowakowski and Ms. SullivanEmail: Mr. NowakowskiFall Season
Coaches:  Mr. VanderarkEmail: Mr. VanderarkFall Season
Coaches: Mr. Fast and Mr. DukeEmail: Mr. FastFall Season
Coach: Mr. MorrisonEmail: Mr. MorrisonFall/Winter Season
Coach: Ms. Hassell Email: Ms. HassellWinter Season
Coach: Mr. RandhawaEmail: Mr. RandhawaWinter Season
Coach: Ms. Sidhu and Ms. SmithEmail: Ms. DudleyWinter Season
Coaches: Mr. Dhaliwal, Mr. Malhi and Mr. BediEmail: Mr. BediWinter Season
Coaches: Ms. Dudley, Ms. Uppal and Mr. CrosbyEmail: Ms. DudleyWinter Season
Coach: Mr. BoehringerEmail: Mr. BoehringerWinter Season
Coaches: Mr. Ward and Mr. KuprEmail: Mr. WardSpring Season
Coach: Mr. VanderarkEmail: Mr. VanderarkSpring Season
Coach: TBAEmail: Mr. DukeSpring Season
Coaches: Mr. BabiniEmail: Mr. BabiniSpring Season
Coaches: Mr. Fast and Mr. Duke Email: Mr. DukeSpring Season
Coach: Mr. NelsonEmail: Mr. NelsonSpring Season
Coach: Mr. TranEmail: Ms. DudleyFall Season
Coaches: Ms. Annas and Ms. TothEmail: Ms. AnnasFall Season
Coach: Mr. BediEmail: Mr. BediSpring Season
Coach: Mr.TranEmail: Mr. BabiniFall Season
Coach: Mr. Thom and Mr. CrosbyEmail: Mr. ThomFall Season
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Time: 1/27/2022 3:57:52 PM
Host: AS79
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