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Panorama Ridge

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Social Studies
Social Studies


Social Studies is a multi disciplinary subject area.   The 2019 new curriculum is guided by the six (6) Historical Benchmarks embedded with Core Competencies that assist students in development of critical thinking, personal and social awareness and communication skills for the ever changing world.  SocIal Studies teachers are committed to facilitating students growth by using multiple techniques of instruction and creating an inclusive space for the safe development of the skills necessary to succeed in today's world.

Mr. M.babini_m@surreyschools.caDept. Head / Teacher
Ms. L.lacki_l@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. S.lali_s@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. C.manery_c@surreyschools.caTeacher
Mr. C.nelson_chris@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. A.parhar_a@surreyschools.caTeacher
Mr. H.randhawa_h1@surreyschools.caTeacher
Ms. E.worthmann_e@surreyschools.caTeacher
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Time: 9/21/2020 8:31:12 AM
Host: AS79
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