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Pacific Heights

We are learner who care for self, others, and the environment.

Policies & Procedures
Policies & Procedures


A Parent Checklist For Successful Students


Please remember to:

  • read the school newsletters
  • keep the lines of communication open  with the teacher
  • sign the planner daily
  • be aware of classroom expectations
  • oversee your child’s work and review tests
  • be encouraging
  • help your child set a time in a quiet place for homework
  • support school decisions
  • consider volunteering in whatever capacity you are able to do so and,
  • return library books on time   
  • Set the stage for success at school by making sure your child:
  • is well-rested
  • is dressed appropriately for the weather and for daily
  • play activity at school
  • has a nutritionally balanced diet. 
  • Show that you care by:
  • encouraging your child to accept responsibility for their
  • actions; consequences are a part of life! 
  • encouraging your child to try new things
  • spending special time together and listening to them.    
  • Teach your child to set goals for themselves and remember to:
  • start small
  • celebrate successes
  • talk about school every day and  don’t accept “nothing” as the answer to “What did you do today?”