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The clubs are listed below. You will find a general description of the club, meeting times and location. There may also be link that provides additional detail regarding the specific club.  

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This club caters to students who want to improve their distance running and race for the Spartans.  We have a strong and supportive coaching team interested in helping athletes meet their competitive goals. Sponsor: Mr. LandryMondays & Wednesdays after school.North Surrey's Fields
Participants compete in a game by answering questions on topics ranging from school subjects to general knowledge i.e. sports, current events. Sponsor: Mr. Turnquist Wednesday & Friday at lunchRoom 505
Under the auspices of Guildford Surrey Rotary, SOS takes part in community fundraisers & activities under motto "Service Above Self" while empowering youth to make positive changes locally & globally. Sponsors: Ms. Wettig & Ms. MackieFridays at lunchRoom 221
Spartans Speak is the student run magazine of North Surrey Secondary.  We publish approximately every month, featuring student writing, art and photography.  Sponsor: Ms. HallWednesdays at lunchRoom 222
Club members help run the North Surrey Library and Learning Commons. They work 1 shift a week in the library, before school, at lunch or after school.  Duties include circulating books, shelving, decorating and generally help run our busy library.http://northsurreylibrary.comweekly before school, at lunch or after schoolLibrary
The Christian Club allows students who share a Christian lifestyle time to meet, share experiences, and explore their role within the school community and society.  Sponsor: Mr. FurtadoMondays at lunchRoom 218
Student Council is a structured group of students who are selected to represent their grades and the school. Council members are responsible for organizing & running events related to creating school spirit. Sponsor: Mr. VerkaikTuesday at lunchRoom 118
Textiles & Crafts Club allows students to enjoy arts & crafts while interacting with other crafters. Students will learn crocheting, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, clay art, painting, & paper crafts. Sponsor: Ms. Vanderhoek & Ms. KokowszkaTuesdays at lunchRoom 105
Students will organize and maintain the greenhouse, planting seasonal herbs, vergetables, and flowers for plant sales.  All proceeds from sales will go toward charitable causes. Sponsor: Mr. Landry at lunch.Greenhouse
Open to all students.  The purpose is to run "Play Days" at local elementary schools. Sponsor:  Mrs. SchutzWednesday at lunchRoom 217
Students work in teams to read, analyze and solve a business problem and then prepare a convincing presentation for a panel of judges. Sponsor: Ms. Schutz at lunchRoom 217
For ALL students male/female, beginner to advanced interested in break dancing may drop in at any time.Throughout the year the club enter various dance battles as soloists & teams of 3 or more. Sponsor: Ms. ValenciaTuesdays at lunch & Wednesdays after school 4:00-5:00 pmDance Studio Room #507
Student-led drop-in dance class for students who want to learn short, fun dance combos. Each week will focus on either Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Break & Contemp. No dance experience needed just good attitude & willingness to learn! Sponsor: Ms. ValenciaWednesday at lunchDance Studio Room 507
Year-round club will design & build a innovative, creative functioning robot with help of knowledgeable mentors. No experience necessary. Must have passion for engineering/science/technolgy. Sponsors: Mr. China, Ms. Mackie, Mr. Aliwalas & Mr. ChegwiddenWednesday after school 3:15-4:30 pm.Room 500
GSA provides an opportunity for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities to come together in a safe environment for discussion and other activities. Sponsor: Mr. LandryTuesdays at lunchPortable 8
A grade 8 club, where students have the opportunity to learn how to develop and test android apps. Various app and game functions will be taught using a variety of development software. Sponsors: Ms. PainchaudWednesday at lunch.Room 210
This committee will plan activities and events for International students in order to foster a sense of community and connection to the school while learning about Canadian Culture.Sponsor: Ms. MackieEvery other Monday at lunchPortable 5
This club helps eliminate trash the school produces, spread awareness of global warming, environmental hazzards, limit food waste, plastic uses & make our school more environmentally friendly. Sponsor: Mr. LandryMondays & Thursdays 3:00 - 4:30 pmPortable 8
Club provides informal, friendly supportive environment for students with interests in all types of photographic imagery. Encourages artistic vision, technical knowledge between eye & camera. Sponsor: Ms. PainchaudTuesdays after school.Room 210
Allows students access to art supplies outside school hours encouraging students to improve skills & be more creative. Place to meet others with same art interests and allows art majors time to work on portfolios. Sponser: Mr. TurnquistMondays after school.Room 505
Open-style dance session for all students who want to bust a move! Come with own style, practice your moves, learn to add groove & musicality to your dance, taking your skills to next level.No dance experience, just good attitude. Sponsor: Ms. ValenciaFridays at lunchRoom 507
Students learn about stage & film lighting, programming, digital sound, microphones, DJ equipment, video, projection, costumes, props, set creation & painting. Meet tech team leaders, build friendships, learn employable skills. Sponsor: Mr. WrotniakTuesdays after school 3:00-4:30 pmTheatre
Club creates comfortable, inclusive environment for female students in the weight room. A place where girls meet, feel confident exploring foreign sector of physical activity. Develop healthy, active lifestyle thru weightlifting. Sponsor: Mr. SorkhouFridays after school.Weight Room
Club for all film/movie enthusiasts to gather, watch a movie and afterwards critic and discuss it.  Sponsor: Ms. PainchaudThursdays after school.Room 210
Many students in ALL grades like to learn programming. Students don't always have space in schedules to sign up for programming course. Club is outside classroom environment allowing more students to participate. Sponsor: Ms. PainchaudWednesdays at lunch.Room 210
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