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The English Department offers mandatory courses in English 9 through 12. The English curriculum offers studies of literature in the areas of poetry, short stories, novels and drama in both graphic and traditional text. The department also offers enrichment at all grade levels for students wishing to study a wider variety of literary works; in addition, at the senior level we provide advanced material in preparation for post-secondary. Senior students have the option of taking elective courses, such as Literature 12 and Writing 12. Any students requiring further skill development at the Grade 11 and 12 level are recommended for Communications 11 and 12 in lieu of English 11 and 12 (Communications 12 meets grad requirements). Descriptions are available in the course selection handbook.
The English department provides students with opportunities to develop their reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing skills. Students will
  • access, read and share popular novels through our silent reading program and the promotion of the Teens' Top Ten
  • participate in writing contests of all levels and genres
  • use technology to enhance learning – in particular digital storytelling using iMovie, Movie Maker, Garage Band, Photo Story 3; online posters using Glogster, Prez, Sonic Picsi; debates using Puppet Pals; newspapers using Word template; data bases use for effective research
  • employ a variety of reading strategies to promote critical thinking – Developing Readers, Smart Reading
  • utilize AFL techniques to be metacognitive and improve learning
  • celebrate and display their work
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 North Surrey Delicious Account. Click on the English tag for websites recommended by the English department.
English 9 Outline PDF.pdf
English 10 Outline PDF.pdf
English 11 Outline  PDF.pdf
English 12  Outline PDF.pdf
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