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Martha Jane Norris

Working together with children, families and all staff to provide an enjoyable, well-rounded, high quality elementary education for all students.

About Our School
About Our School



Martha Jane Norris School Profile 2018 - 2019


Martha Jane Norris Elementary enrolls 398 students in the Newton neighborhood of Surrey.  The community is primarily residential with detached homes, many with basement rental suites.  Extended families often live together, with grandparents actively involved in child rearing when parents are working.  Many grandparents and extended family members have little or no English language.  More than half of the school population, over 300 students, are designated English Lanuage Learners (ELL) with a high concentration ELL students in the Primary grades.  Non-English home languages include:  Arabic 3, Bosnian 2, Dari 5,Gujarati 2, Hindi 22, Igbo 1, Italian 5, Nepali 1, Pashto 4,  Punjabi 298, Pushto 1, Spanish 1, Tagalog 3, Thai 1, Urdu 7.


  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment in which all students can learn

  • To improve students' reading comprehension

  • To improve the students' ability to communicate their mathematical thinking

  • To sustain and support personal and social responsibility

  • To increase parental and community involvement

  • The school community actively supports cultural diversity, with various cultural events celebrated throughout the year

  • To use performance standards to improve student learning

  • To foster healthy living through daily physical activity and nutrition education

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • Strong K-3 Guided Reading Program

  • Developing Readers

  • DRA

  • Noisy Reading in Primary classes

  • RAD 36

  • Making Math Happen

  • Book Fair

  • Leadership Development Program projects and participants

  • Leadership Academy Action Research Project

  • Student-led conferences to accompany on-going authentic assessment strategies

  • Outstanding Student Leadership

  • Collaborative planning

  • 3 double classes

  • Active and involved PAC and SPC

  • Norris Community Chats

  • Potluck Dinner

  • Musical Performances

  • Terry Fox Run

  • Jingle Bell Walk

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