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Lena Shaw

Learning to care; caring to learn

About Our School
About Our School




  • The educational program at Lena Shaw addresses the whole child, providing encouragement and opportunities for each to develop to his/her potential in the following areas:

      • intellectual - academic, thinking, communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills

      • physical - skills and knowledge about physical fitness, health, safety and appropriate use of leisure time

      • social - respectful, responsible, contributing members of society

      • emotional - positive self-esteem and the ability to set and work toward realistic goals

  • The School Growth Plan goals are as follows:
      • to create a safe and secure environment by developing social responsibility in our school community and promoting tolerance and respect for others
      • to enhance student literacy with an emphasis on improving reading and writing skills while fostering creativity in written expression
      • to develop critical thinking skills through exposure to a variety of problem-solving and decision-making strategies across the curriculum

Accomplishments and Initiatives:

  • We are one of the few designated Earth Schools in Canada, having completed over 1000 environmental projects. We are undergoing school grounds and a courtyard beautification project. We continue to maintain this important educational focus.

  • Year one: school-wide anti-bullying program

  • We have an active Student Council. Our student leadership program is an important aspect of our school.

  • With the support of our Parents' Advisory Council, we have a state-of-the-art computer lab and internet access. Our parents are strong supporters of the school's fine arts program.

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