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L.A. Matheson

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​​The language program aims to enable students to communicate,read and write in the target language and develop an openness to cultural diversity. Students can take French and Spanish all the way to Grade 10. In Grade 10 students can choose between French 10, Punjabi 10 or Spanish 10.  In grade 11 students can choose from French 11, Punjabi 11 and Spanish 11  and then French 12/Punjabi 12 and Spanish 12. Students can check in with course teachers to check pre requisites for senior courses. 


Click the link below to the Matheson's fabulous Language Anthology. It was created by the recently retired Ms. Maria Davradou and her students. 

2020 Davradou Anthology Final PDF c.pdf


Acquiring a language is a life- long process.

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Sharing our feelings, opinions, and beliefs in a new language contributes to our identity

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With increased language proficiency, we can discuss and justify opinions with clarity.

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Experiencing the creative works of other cultures helps us develop an appreciation of cultures worldwide.

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Proficiency in a language allows us to understand global issues and explore opportunities for careers, travel, personal growth, and study abroad

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 Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.
‒Rita Mae Brown

"If you only speak one language,then you only live one life" - Unknown


We currently offer the following programs:

Core French 8-12

Spanish 9/10/11

​Punjabi 10/11/12

Workbook/Cashiers Prices

  French 8 $5
  French 9 $6 
  French 10 $5
  French 11 $6 
  French 12 $7 
  Punjabi 11/12  $7 
  Spanish 9/10 $20​​








Mr. Davidcampagnaro_d@surreyschools.caSpanish 9/10/11 French 8,9 Room B219
Mrs. Gurpreet (Preet) Kaurbains_gurpreet@surreyschools.caDepartment Head, Punjabi 10,11, 12,LST ScienceRoom B220/B131
Ms. Daynamathieson_d@surreyschools.caFrench 8-12Room B217
Ms. Rhodaolatunbosun_r@surreyschools.caFrench 8-11 teacher
Ms. Parabjotsingh_parabjot@surreyschools.caPunjabi 10/11, ELLRoom B204
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 9/12/2017 8:08 PM
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2017 Languages Anthology Edition 2.pdf
2018 Languages Anthology - Edition 3.pdf
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