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The English Department offers mandatory courses of English 9-12 and Communications 11 and 12. The English curriculum offers studies of literature in the areas of poetry, short stories, novels, and drama. Senior students have the option of taking Communications 11 and 12, or English 11 and 12.  They should consult their teachers, counsellors, and parents regarding their options.  Elective courses such as Creative Writing are also offered to Senior students.  For more information regarding any of these courses, please refer to the handbook.

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Writing Contests 2017-2018 
by Reiko Tanino
 9/7/2017 10:18 AM
 Provincial Exam Information and Practice Exams
 MLA Citation Guide
 Great Info About Provincial Exams!
 2017/2018 Provinical Exam Schedule
Mr. LeClair's En9 Course Outline.doc
Ms. Tanino's En 9 Course Outline.docx
Khrod's NM10 Outline.doc
Khrod's English 11 Course Outline.docx
Ms. Tanino's FLS 10 Outline.doc
Ms. Tanino's English 12 Course Outline.docx
Mr. LeClair's Communications Course Outline.docx
Mr. LeClair's En11 Course Outline.doc
Mr. McKillop's CW10 Course Outline.docx
McKillop English 9 Course outline 2017.docx
Ms. Jones' En11 Course Outline.docx
Ms. Jones' En12 Course Outline.docx
Mr. Trehearne's Spoken Word 10 Outline.docx
Compton and Singhera Comm. Outline.docx
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Time: 7/18/2018 1:26:18 PM
Host: AS79
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