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"is he blind"
that's how others see me
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The English Department offers courses in English 9-12 , including new grade 10 courses in Composition, Creative Writing, Focused Literary Studies, New Media, and Spoken Language. We also offer Communications 11 and 12. Senior students choose between Communications 11/12, and English 11/12 and should consult their teachers, counsellors, and parents regarding their options. For more information regarding any of these courses, please refer to the handbook.

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Writing Contests 2017-2018 
by Reiko Tanino
 9/7/2017 10:18 AM
 2018-2019 Provincial Exam Schedule
 Sample & Practice Exams
 MLA Style Guide
Mr. LeClair's En9 Course Outline.doc
Ms. Tanino's En 9 Course Outline.docx
Ms. Tanino's FLS 10 Outline.doc
Ms. Tanino's English 12 Course Outline.docx
Mr. LeClair's Communications Course Outline.docx
Mr. LeClair's En11 Course Outline.doc
Lam Hum 8 Course Outline - 2018.doc
Singh English 9 outline.docx
Panas En9 Outline 2018-19.docx
Panas En12 Outline 2018-19.docx
Panas NM10 Outline 2018-19.docx
Singhera Hum 8 course outline 18-19.docx
Singhera English 11 Course Outline 18-19.doc
McKillop Communications 11-12 course outline 2018.docx
McKillop English 10 CW-Comp Course outline 2018.docx
McKillop English 10 LS-Comp Course outline 2018.docx
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Time: 9/22/2018 5:36:30 PM
Host: AS78
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