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 InformationDid you miss our virtual parent information event?

Check HERE for a link to the presentation by Superintendent Jordan Tinney and other helpful resources.

6/17/20206/17/2020Sheila Reynolds6/9/2020 10:00 AMSheila Reynolds6/18/2020 11:28 AM
 InformationLive virtual parent information event June 8

Supt. Jordan Tinney will cover important topics & address parent questions and concerns. Check HERE for more information and a link to the live event.

6/4/20206/8/2020Sheila Reynolds6/4/2020 9:22 AMSheila Reynolds6/4/2020 9:22 AM
 AlertMay 29 2020 June 1st Welcome and Updates

In the Publications section at the bottom of this web page you will find a letter to the parents containing information on the return to school June 1st, including timetable and health and safety procedures.

5/29/20206/5/2020Michael Krystal5/29/2020 12:20 PMMichael Krystal5/29/2020 12:20 PM
 AlertAll Schools: In-class instruction suspended indefinitely

The BC government has suspended all in-class kindergarten through Grade 12 instruction indefinitely to help contain the spread of COVID-19. See the district's COVID-19 updates HERE

​In addition, all rentals and community use of Surrey & White Rock school facilities (except childcare) have been cancelled until May 31. Please contact for refunds or further info.

School playgrounds are also closed until further notice, and the District Education Centre and other district buildings and offices are currently closed to the public.

5/6/20205/15/2020Sheila Reynolds3/17/2020 4:25 PMSheila Reynolds5/7/2020 9:41 AM
 InformationSurreyOne Library Resources

The Surrey District Librarians have put together a resource for families. Please visit the following site

4/7/20204/30/2020Michael Krystal4/7/2020 11:23 AMMichael Krystal4/7/2020 11:23 AM
 InformationAdmin Update - April 3rd

Good Afternoon Parents and Students,


We have some information to share and want to keep this message simple and concise.  Our staff have been working hard this week, learning new tools to help deliver instruction to our students.  There has also been a concentrated effort from our staff to make working connections through phone calls or emails, so that we can start next week with the beginning of delivery of instruction.  Please be patient as the first week on instruction may be a bit "clunky".  There are three important message for you,

  1. Getting connected to teachers in the building,
  2. Survey regarding technology
  3. Student information on accessing their lockers.
  4. A message to our grade 12's.



At this point all students should have signed into their SurreySchools email or made contact with their teachers if they cannot access it.  Your teachers have the ability to correct your school email address. Please contact your Block A teacher.

On Monday most of your learning will begin online in one form or another.  Please check with your teachers as we are trying to create a schedule that works for students and teachers.



Students, please fill out the survey with your parents as this will assist us in our decision to provide technology support for your family.

This link was in the letter sent to your SurreySchools email.



We have received news that you will be able to come to the school to retrieve your items from your locker.  You must know your locker number and combination as you will not be entering the school, but telling this information to a staff member who will retrieve it.  If you do not know your locker number and combination, go on the app and check under information and locker assignment. You must check this prior to your assigned time. You must know your student number and birthdate. Your student number can be found on MyEd or an old report card.


Due to the health and safety protocols we will not be flexible in changing times.  Only the parent or student can pick up their personal belongings from their locker.  Relatives or friends cannot pick up materials.

Mon, April 6th Grade 12's
Tues, April 7th Grade 11's
Wed, April 8th Grade 10's
Thurs, April 9th Grade 9's
Tues, April 14th Grade 8's


Please arrive according to the appropriately scheduled last name. ( By Last Name)

E-H 9:30

The lineup will be at the gym doors so we can observe the social distancing.  Please stand beside a cone as they will ensure the appropriate distance.  Remember you will not be entering the school.  If need an instrument they will also be available if your name is on the instrument.


Grad Class of 2020:

We are writing this letter to you today in hopes to alleviate some of the stress that we are sure you must be feeling about the status of your graduation this year. We would like you to be assured that we are concerned about your health and safety first and foremost, and want you to know that we are here to support you in any way that we can. We are in a very good place to look at who is in a position to graduate and who will need more supports to get to the finish line. We will be going through all the grade 12 report cards in the next few weeks and going over the status of everyone to see where you are at this point in the year. Our goal is to support every grade 12 student so that you will be in a position to graduate by June.

As for the graduation celebrations, (commencement, banquet and dry grad) it is too early to determine what will happen and whether we will be able to have them or if they will have to be cancelled. We will be in close contact with all the venues and the school board to determine what our latest deadline to cancel will be. My hope is that with the social distancing BC has been doing it will be enough to flatten the curve and we will be able to proceed with some of the graduation activities.

With regards to University Applications, the post-secondary schools have assured us that they are working remotely and still evaluating applications. They will be sending out acceptance "letters" online only and not through the mail. Any documents that you need to send to them can be uploaded to their websites. If you have any specific questions, it would be best to contact the school admissions/careers and counsellors directly as each post-secondary school will navigate through this a little differently.

Grade 12 teachers will be contacting you this week to provide you with information on how they will be continuing to provide online learning: lessons, assignments and support to continue your classes until we return back to school (if/when this is possible).

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or need support that you think that we can provide for you.

We are in this together!

We know you have more questions about this new reality and we will try to answer them through the Website, the Kwantlen Park App, Facebook and Instagram account.  If you have more questions, please reach out to one of the administration or your teachers.





Kwantlen Park Admin Team


4/5/20204/10/2020Farah Singh4/5/2020 8:52 PMFarah Singh4/5/2020 8:52 PM
 AlertMarch 29 Update Parent/Student Letter

See link below. The purpose of this letter is it to reach out to our community, provide an update, and answer a couple of questions about our current situation.

COVID19 - Mar 29th, 2019 - Update For Parents

3/30/20204/3/2020Farah Singh3/30/2020 8:59 AMFarah Singh3/30/2020 9:19 AM
 InformationBC Ministry of Education Q and A on Continuity of learning

Search Results

Web results

The British Columbia Ministry of Education is working with all 60 school districts, independent school authorities, First

Nations schools and education partners to support a coordinated approach in response to COVID-19. The health and

safety of school staff, students, parents and communities is the highest priority.

Search Results

Web results

3/26/20203/30/2020Susan Beyer3/26/2020 11:13 AMSusan Beyer3/26/2020 11:23 AM
 AlertMemo to Parents from Surrey School District

You will find the most recent memo about Covid 19 and spring break in the publications section below:

3/13/20203/27/2020Michael Krystal3/13/2020 1:58 PMMichael Krystal3/13/2020 2:05 PM
 AlertMarch 12 Update on Coronavirus

Please look below at our announcments for the Superintendent's memo on COVID-19

3/12/20203/14/2020Tim Cross3/12/2020 7:27 PMTim Cross3/12/2020 7:27 PM
 InformationRequest for information from Fraser Health

Please review the letter from Fraser Health in Publications. They are requesting your help in updating Immunization records.

1/27/20202/7/2020Michael Krystal1/27/2020 2:32 PMMichael Krystal1/27/2020 2:32 PM
 InformationSchool is Open!

Please disregard the alert indicating schools are closed. All schools are OPEN today (Jan 16).

1/16/20201/16/2020Christopher Poon1/16/2020 8:15 AMChristopher Poon1/16/2020 8:36 AM
 AlertPAC Meeting Cancelled tonight!

Due to weather conditions, the school facility is closed January 15 all day.

1/15/20201/15/2020Susan Beyer1/15/2020 10:16 AMSusan Beyer1/15/2020 10:16 AM
 AlertGlobal Climate Change Letter from Superintendent Tinney

A letter to the School Community from our Superintendent about the ongoing call to action regarding Climate ChangeClimate Change letter

9/23/20199/30/2019Michael Krystal9/23/2019 8:39 AMMichael Krystal9/23/2019 8:39 AM
 InformationCanadian Universities Event

October 7th 12:45-2:45

Over 50 Universities from Across Canada will have reps at Kwantlen Park. Parents and Guardians are welcome to sign in at the office and attend.

9/18/201910/7/2019Virginia Allard9/18/2019 12:38 PMVirginia Allard9/18/2019 12:48 PM
 InformationMyEdBC Access

As part the district's work to ensure the maintenance and security of the MyEd BC system, student and parent portal account passwords have been reset. 

If you do not have a portal account to view your child's online record, please follow this link and fill in the form

If you have a portal account, please expect an email from with your new temporary password.

We and our district team apologize for any inconvenience. 

8/21/20198/26/2019Michael Krystal8/21/2019 8:54 AMFarah Singh8/21/2019 3:30 PM
 InformationGrade 12 Diplomas

The Grade 12 Diplomas for 2018/2019 will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday, August 21 between 10 am and 2 pm.

8/20/20199/13/2019Barbara Shoults8/20/2019 3:26 PMBarbara Shoults8/20/2019 3:26 PM
 InformationVaping Information Sessions

​SD 36 will be hosting a series of information sessions about Vaping and teenagers.

Vaping Sessions.PNG

4/8/20195/18/2019Michael Krystal4/8/2019 10:52 AMMichael Krystal4/8/2019 10:52 AM
 AlertMeasles Information

As you have heard, there is a measles outbreak at three schools in Vancouver.  Please note that this is a localized outbreak and that students who are attending schools not connected to the outbreak have not been exposed. There is no evidence of measles transmission into the wider Vancouver or Fraser Health community.   

Please click for more Information. 


2/21/20193/16/2019Tim Cross2/21/2019 4:22 PMTim Cross2/21/2019 4:22 PM
 SnowSnow Day!
Schools are closed to instruction again today, February 12. All staff who regularly service students directly are not required to attend today. Also, all facility rentals are cancelled for today.
2/12/20192/12/2019prod_spinstall_svc2/12/2019 7:52 AMprod_spinstall_svc2/12/2019 7:52 AM
 InformationChecking on School Closures

​Please check the radio at CKNW 980am or Global News for updates with school closures due to weather. 

2/11/20192/18/2019Tim Cross2/11/2019 7:05 PMTim Cross2/11/2019 7:42 PM
 AlertThe Sec. French Immersion Film Festival Canceled  Feb 12

​The Secondary French Immersion Film Festival, organized by the Canadian Parents' for French, scheduled for tomorrow – February 12th (10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m) has been canceled. Due to inclement weather conditions, the decision has been made to postpone the festival – whether school closures are in effect or not.

2/11/20192/13/2019Tim Cross2/11/2019 7:40 PMTim Cross2/11/2019 7:40 PM
 SnowSnow Day!

​All Surrey Schools closed today for teachers and students as the district works to clear snow.

2/11/20192/11/2019Christopher Poon2/11/2019 7:34 AMChristopher Poon2/11/2019 7:34 AM
 InformationPro-D Day

October 19, 2018

​Friday, October 19, 2018 is a Pro-D day - there is no school for students.

10/18/201810/24/2018Barbara Shoults10/18/2018 11:34 AMBarbara Shoults10/18/2018 11:34 AM
 InformationParent Teacher Conferences

Interim Report Cards will be distributed to students this Wednesday, Oct 17th .  This report for Semester 1 will be available on the MyEdBC Portal. On the Welcome page, you will be able to view report cards for all children linked to your account in the Published Reports.

If you do not have MyEdBC access yet please call the school. 604-588-6934

Students will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday Oct 18th and

On Oct 18th parent-teacher interviews will be held in two sessions  from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and from 5:00 until 7:00 p.m.

We hope all parents are able to join us!

10/15/201810/19/2018Michael Krystal10/15/2018 4:32 PMMichael Krystal10/15/2018 4:35 PM
 InformationError on the Calendar

​Wrong School Phone Number

​We apologize for any inconvenience - we have the wrong telephone number on our calendar. Please note the phone number for Kwantlen Park is 604-588-6934

8/28/201811/30/2018Barbara Shoults8/28/2018 10:14 AMBarbara Shoults8/28/2018 10:14 AM
 InformationStudent Schedules

​Student Schedule information for the 2018/19 School Year

Student schedules are available in draft form on parent/student portal.  Please note that admin/counselors are still adjusting incomplete, incorrect and unbalanced schedules this and next week.  In homeroom on September 4th, students will receive their updated schedules for the school year.  Questions regarding your schedule can be discussed with your counselor during the week of September 4 - 7.   

Gr 8 - Large Gym - Sept. 4th @ 10:00

Gr 9-12 Homeroom: Sept. 4th @ 11:00

8/21/20189/7/2018Barbara Shoults8/21/2018 2:29 PMBarbara Shoults8/24/2018 9:27 AM
 InformationImportant Information for Grade 8 Students

​For signing up for on-line payments and lockers.

​Please note that a student number is needed in order to sign up for paying student fees and selecting lockers.  The office is now closed until August 20th.  We will help you on our return if you need the number.  You can email the school or call the office at 604-588-6934.  Please note that you will not be able to set up your child's on-line payment account until after the 25th of August.  There will not be anyone in the school to answer your calls until the 20th of August.

8/2/20188/21/2018Barbara Shoults8/2/2018 2:45 PMBarbara Shoults8/2/2018 2:45 PM
 InformationLockout June 21, 2018

​Lockout today

"Our school was placed in a lock out for about an hour in response to a poorly-conceived grad prank involving a student. There was no threat or risk to students and all students are safe. Classes continue as normal." 


If you have concerns please contact our administration team.  Thank you, Mr. Cross

6/21/20187/5/2018Barbara Shoults6/21/2018 2:21 PMMichael Krystal7/4/2018 8:25 AM
 InformationSummer Office Hours

​Important information for parents and students

​The office will be open over the summer as follows:

July 3 - July 5 - 9 am to 3 pm

July 9 - August 1 - 9 am to 2 pm

Office will be closed from August 2 through August 20th.

Please note that during the summer hours new registrations must be here at least 45 minutes before closing in order to register - if the office closes at 2 pm you must be here by 1:15 in order to register.

6/28/20188/20/2018Barbara Shoults6/28/2018 2:07 PMBarbara Shoults6/28/2018 2:07 PM
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