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Kwantlen Park

Home of the Timberwolves


​French Immersion
The French Immersion Program is offered at Kwantlen Park, Panorama Ridge, Tweedsmuir, and Earl Marriott secondary schools. Students have the opportunities to further develop their language skills in a challenging academic environm​ent. Please see the French Immersion section in the Course Planning Guide for specific program information at Kwantlen Park.
Integrated Academic Program (Inter-A)

High school stude​nts who are self-direct​ed and like teamwork, community service and sharing their knowledge will enjoy being part of the Inter-A program.

Program Structure: Inter-A operates on its own timetable within the regular school day at Kwantlen Park Secondary. Students have all of their classes with other Inter-A students and Inter-A teachers. The school year is divided into six units, with report cards being issued at the end of each unit. Math, French, PE and Fine Arts are taught in each unit throughout all grade levels while other subjects alternate every second unit.

Academics: Inter-A offers all core academic classes required by the Ministry of Education. Students also have the chance to complete numerous other elective classes such as Community Leadership, Social Justice and Work Experience. The following is a brief explanation of some core subject areas.
Sciences: Students explore chemistry, biology, ecology, astronomy and physics through assignments, group work, laboratory activities & field trips.
Humanities: The program takes an integrated and interactive approach to literature, history, geography and social issues.
Language: Inter-A is a very diverse program with students and teachers speaking a multitude of languages at home. Our language of instruction is English, while French is offered as a second language.
The Inter-A Component: In Inter-A, our students work in three areas, which form the Inter-A component. The Inter-A component teaches students how to develop leadership skills, to contribute to the community and to set and to achieve goals for themselves.
Student Led Seminars and Leadership: Students with an interest or expertise in a curricular area may offer seminars for their peers. Intermediate students (Grades 7-9) may present or attend seminars each unit. Senior students (Grades 10-12) may initiate their own projects to better the program, school or community.
Community Service Learning: Students participate in volunteer service activities, both within the school and larger community. Ten hours of work are required every unit. Students are strongly encouraged to engage in peer tutoring within the classroom setting.
Student Learning Plans: Students learn to set and achieve personal and academic goals within a specific time frame.
Field Studies: Experiential learning is an integral part of the Inter-A Program and its philosophy. As a result, students can participate in numerous local, national and international field studies. Examples include:
Day Long: Local field trips could include learning about sea life at the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring a forest ecosystem, or going to the Vancouver Playhouse.
Overnight: Annually, students attend a three-day retreat to Camp Sunrise where they participate in leadership, team-building and collaborative activities.
National: Inter-A has participated in several cultural and language exchanges with secondary schools in the province of Quebec.
International: Past overseas excursions have included trips to Central and Western Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean, as well as Australia.
Inter-A offers a different approach to secondary education
(Grades 7-12).
Students in Inter-A take all the required academic courses, but also have the chance to do special activities and projects. Many students choose to come to Inter-A because of our small, familial environment. Diversity is respected here and students from many grades often work cooperatively on projects and assignments. In some courses, students are able to progress at their own pace. Inter-A encourages students to be socially responsible through service and leadership. As part of the program, students are encouraged to make meaningful contributions to the school and outside community.
For more information, log on to the Inter-A website:
Registration Procedures: Students with a diverse range of interests, talents and skills are welcome in the Inter-A Program. Although students typically enter the program in Grades 7-9, applicants are considered at any grade level.
For students wishing to join the Inter-A Program the following September, the application process begins with a day-long visit, usually in January or February. During the visit, students will be twinned with a current Inter-A student. After the visit, interested students are invited to complete an application form and will be asked to return for a meeting with the Inter-A Teaching Team. Applications are evaluated on a first come, first served basis.
To schedule a visit, please contact Mr. Jay at 604-588-6934, Ext. 2210
All language program options are compatible with the B.C. curriculum and lead towards Grade 12 graduation. There are no special fees and you do not need to live near the school, nor in the school district, to enroll. Languages are part of the Surrey School District Choices Programs.
The Surrey School District offers several "Programs of Choice" that provide unique settings for students.
Each school day, the Surrey School Meal Programs strive to feed as many children as possible a nutritious meal. Without this food, these students might otherwise go hungry. Research has clearly shown children who have enough food to eat learn better and are healthier.
The Aboriginal Department supports school initiatives that focus on Aboriginal culture.  The goal of this support is to increase Aboriginal content into the curriculum in a way that benefits all students.
Strong Start is a free, drop-in early learning program for preschool-aged children who are accompanied by a parent or caregiver.  Strong Start is offered at the following Surrey Schools…
The Surrey School District is committed to providing safe and caring environments in which all learners can achieve academic excellence, personal growth and responsible citizenship.
The Surrey School District offers a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of our large student community.
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